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Fishcicles! 5 Fun Summer Ice Trays

Ah, the ocean. What a beautiful sight, especially on a warm summer evening watching the sun set over the horizon, right? Well, there are dangers that lurk under the waves, and if you’d rather not set foot in the danger zone, think about these fun icy alternatives instead.

When was the last time you were on a cruise? Hopefully it was the cruise of a lifetime, but not, y’know, the cruise of a lifetime… if you know what I mean. In honor of our fallen lady the RMS Titanic, raise a glass with these Gin & Titonic ice cubes in it! (Afterward, throw yourself a line with a couple Drinksavers ice cubes, too.)

Gin & Titonic

This ice tray includes moulds for four cruise liners and four “icebergs”.

Want to liven up the party a little without actually getting into a shark cage? (I don’t want to get into a shark cage either!) The Shark Fin Ice Tray produces five fins that rise above the top of your drink in order to scare your guests.

Shark Fin Ice Tray

As you can see here, the ice floats just like a shark’s dorsal fin.

If you want to go all out, try the Shark Ice Tray 3D. With this sucker, you’ll only need one ice cube all night! Or, put a few in the punch bowl to add some flair.

Shark Ice Tray 3D

Each mould is sold individually, so if you want an ice shark army, get a few!

In the depths of the ocean lives the infamous Kraken, ready to pull unwary ships and sailors down to their untimely deaths. Fortunately, I’ve got the Coolamari Octopus Ice Tray, so I don’t need to see any squid—giant or otherwise—except in a tank at the nearest aquarium (safe behind tons of glass!).

Coolamari Octopus Ice Tray

Unlike the shark mould, Coolamari ice octopi come in sets of four.

Or, if you just want to get away from the ocean for a while and relax by the nearest pond (or if you have children at your party who would be less-than-excited about shark fins or octopi in their drinks), the Cold Fish Ice Cube Tray is right up your alley.  There’s nothing scary about these icy goldfish, and they don’t sport extra “arms” to drag you under when you’re not looking.

Cold Fish Ice Cube Tray

These cold fish goldfish are the definition of “fishcicle” hehe.

Okay! I’ve given you all the fishcicle ice trays I can find. Do any of you have ice moulds or trays for special occasions? I’m really tempted to get some Cold Fish goldfish for myself.

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