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Favorite Summer Recipes

Since I am vegetarian and my sister is experimenting with supplements and gluten-free stuff, these three recipes are pretty new in our book of recipes. But! Don’t worry; they are oh so good.

Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic


Green Beans

Look at the green beans! Not whatever else is on that plate.

I like green beans about as much as anyone… which is to say, I go back and forth. This recipe, however, is a godsend. It only takes about twenty minutes to prepare and can be stored cold overnight before stir-frying everything up really quick before serving.

White Asparagus Bread Salad with Hollandaise

Bread Salad

No meat! Serves four.

What the heck is “bread salad”, right? It’s good, that’s what! This is the salad you should serve to your uppity summer house guests—it’s just uppity enough to make it seem difficult to prepare, but (between you and me) it’s actually really easy! (For reference, when you click through: EVOO = extra virgin olive oil.)

Peach-Lavender Cobbler

Peach-Lavender Cobbler

Imagine eating this dessert outside on your patio or porch on a summer evening. Delicious!

The classic peach cobbler with an amazing twist. The best part for me? I actually have lavender growing out in my yard, so I was able to get it really fresh. (I switched out the dried lavender for fresh and thought it was better, but your mileage may vary.) Fair warning, though: the preparation and cook time totals roughly an hour and a half, so it’s not exactly a “I can throw this together on my way out to a party” kind of dish.

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One comment on “Favorite Summer Recipes

  1. Patricia
    July 11, 2014

    I think becoming vegetarian is a great health benefit! There are many great recipes out there to try!


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