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Fun tumblrs for your feed

Do you have a tumblr? (I do! It’s not always work-approriate, though, so I’ll just stick to other, better blogs here hahaha.) I’ve got six tumblrs below that you should definitely follow, and they might even be worth creating a tumblr, if you don’t already have one.


Don’t worry, it’s “peer reviewed.” If you’re in college, at university, in graduate school, or even in any part of academia, you’ll be able to relate to these great gifs with titles/captions. The title/caption indicates the situation (ie: “Paper accepted”) and the gif shows the poster’s reaction (ie: a man on a gameshow shocked that he’s just won). Here’s one of my favorites. (The gif is from the TV show Community, if I’m not mistaken.)


“Last ditch effort on an experiment”

OMG that dress!

Like fashion? Like history? Then this tumblr is for you. The curator posts images of clothing from all time periods and makes sure to cite the museum where the piece is housed, the era from which it comes, and the artist/designer if there is one.

OMG that dress!

Redingote; 1810; The Kyoto Costume Institute

This is a Nature Blog

“All things nature.” From idyllic clouds and waterfalls to tranquil seascapes and landscapes, This is a Nature Blog captures the beauty of our Earth, one image at a time. The curator of this amazing tumblr makes sure to include links to the photographers so that they will get proper credit for their work.

This is a Nature Blog

“Great Wall” by Yan Zhang.

The Hawkeye Initiative

Hawkeye is one of the “regular” superheroes (“regular” as in not a god or bitten by a radioactive spider or whatever that thing that Iron Man has in his chest) in The Avengers. (Other “regular” superheroes include Black Widow and Falcon.) The Hawkeye Initiative was created after a few comics artists complained that women were/are portrayed too sexually, even when the situation had nothing erotic to do with it. Gingerhaze wrote, “How to fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics: replace the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing.” And thus, the Initiative was born.

The Hawkeye Initiative

Original cover of Queen Sonja on the left; Hawkeye in the same pose on the right.

Animals Sitting on Capybaras

This one is literally just what it says it is: animals sitting on capybaras. Seriously.

Animals Sitting on Capybaras

“Everything the light touches”

Texts from Superheroes

Or, more accurately, “Texts between Superheroes.” This tumblr imagines what superheroes would text each other about, if anything at all. Everything from Spiderman trying to get the “Spider team” to agree on something (anything) to Thor trying to convince his father Odin that he he really does have a maiden in Midgard (that is, on Earth) to… well, here:

Texts from Superheroes

“Fixed point in time. I am so sorry.”

Do you all have any favorite tumblr blogs that I should follow? I’m always looking for great new images, thoughts, and projects, so let me know in the comments.

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