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Meteor Day is June 30th

Have you ever seen a meteor shower? Ever wished upon a shooting star? On Meteor Day, set up a viewing party, complete with space-themed food and drinks! According to Days of the Year, a “meteor… is the visible streak of light from a heated and glowing meteoroid falling through the Earth’s atmosphere.”

The first thing you’ll need, of course, is your handy Astronomy Green Laser Pointer to point out when something in the sky catches your eye, available in 5 MW (shines up to 7500 feet), 20 MW (up to five miles), 50 MW (up to eleven miles), and 100 MW (shines up to 22 miles).

Astronomy Green Laser Pointer

This medical grade laser is also great for building inspections and distance presentations!

According to legend, “wishing on a falling star” originates in Roman Empire with the astronomer Ptolemy, writing around 127-151 AD, who stated that the gods occasionally peered down at Earth from between the spheres out of sheer curiosity. When the gods opened the space between spheres, sometimes stars slipped through and became visible as shooting stars. It was thought that because they were already looking down at us, the gods would be more receptive to any wishes made in that moment.

For your Meteor Day party, however, you’re going to need drinks and food, and I can definitely get you started in that respect! First off, the ICE ATTACKS Ice Cube Tray will spice up any cold drink. Made from silicone rubber, the tray makes eleven UFO- and meteor-shaped ice cubes, so you’ll need to pick up a couple trays and start making lots of cubes ahead of time!

Ice Attacks Ice Cube Tray

And the tray is saucer shaped, too! How cool is that?

In addition to your great space drinks, you can make 3D cookies (just hear me out on this one) with Space Rocket Cookie Cutters! The cookie cutters themselves are made from food-safe polypropylene, and here’s where it gets really cool: the cookies start out in pieces, like this…


and then you assemble them after baking, like this!…

Cookie Space Shuttle

Shuttle cookie (red cookie cutters) shown.
Also available:  Rocket (blue), Star Fighter (green), and Space Buggy (yellow).

Meteors are actually (usually) really, really small. A meteoroid—what it’s called while it’s still in space—varies from the size of a closed fist all the way down to a pebble! Thousands enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day, but only a few reach Earth’s surface. When they do land, they’re called “meteorites.”

Of course, what’s a party without a little souvenir or two? Even if you don’t actually see any meteors on Meteor Day, you can always make your own! Find several small pebble-sized rocks, paint them with Glow Your Own, and give them as party favors to your guests! (Of course, you can paint a lot of other things with Glow Your Own, too, including all kinds of fabrics, wood, and even plastic.)

Glow Your Own

Available in 20 mL (0.7 oz) bottles, this paint is permanent and recommended for ages 8 and up.

What other space-themed stuff can you add to your Meteor Day party? Anyone have any good, themed recipes they’d like to share? Leave your contribution in the comments below!

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