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Weather, Come Rain or Shine!

The weather across America lately is all kinds of Topsy-turvy. Dry desert heat in the West, high winds across the Midwest, and stormy fronts from the Pacific Northwest all across the East coast. Whether you’re beating the heat, dancing in the rain, or curling up with a good book when stormy weather threatens, it’s always good to be prepared for any eventuality. At the very least, you should know what to prepare for!

With that in mind, make sure you check your Wireless Weather Temperature Station before you head out the door. You can also download some great weather apps that will tell you what to wear before you head out the door. For androids try out 1Weather and for iPhone’s we suggest the Dark Sky app and the Yahoo Weather app.


The Brass Precision Barometer on Cherry Wood is an attractive vintage-looking piece of wall art that’s also practically useful. In addition to the standard barometric readings, the face displays labels from “Stormy” to “Very Dry” in accordance with the pressure. Plus, it’s tarnish proof, so you can hang it outdoors if you so desire.

Brass Precision Barometer Cherry Wood

Weather stations and barometers are just fine and dandy, if you’re staying at home. But if you’re already on the go when rainy weather creeps up on you, you’ll need a Come Rain or Shine for yourself. Yes, it’s really called that! This reversible cover is roughly 27″ x 18.5″ and is made of Tyvek, a sturdy rip-proof and waterproof material (what mailing enveloped are made of!) It’s great for keeping bottoms dry on the dewy grass and heads dry when you’ve forgotten your umbrella in a rainstorm. Plus, it’s reversible and folds down into a small zipper pouch, perfect for briefcases and backpacks.


Manbrella Newspaper Come Rain or Shine

The “Manbrella”



Enjoying the shine after the rain has gone.


Having the right accessories with you weather rain or sunshine hits always comes in handy. How do you all enjoy inclement weather? When I lived on the East Coast, I loved the changing seasons and all the types of weather they brought with them, but I grew up in Southern California, and I have yet to ever shovel snow from a sidewalk.

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One comment on “Weather, Come Rain or Shine!

  1. Patricia
    June 20, 2014

    Love the manbrella!!


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