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Indoor Gardening: 4 Unique Ideas for Beginners

Spring sprung and Earth Day came and went so why not plant a few earthly things as an ode to both? Summer is almost here and since most plants tend to dry out during this time, it’s a perfect time for starting an indoor garden. Check out these 4 unique ideas to get you started.

Heads Up!

You don’t need to have a green thumb or a garden to grow things. In fact, a balcony, porch or even a windowsill works too — if you choose wisely — And, believe it or not, you can even grow a few things from your ceiling…kind of.

Cinch plant hangers

The Plants On the Rise planter hanging system is unique and even looks somewhat magical. Your flowers or foliage will appear to be floating in mid-air as their pots are suspended by “cinching” stainless steel cables that can accommodate up to 12″ pots and 25 pounds.

What’s even cooler about these ingenious hangers is you can use them for more than just plants. Check this out! I want some of these for sure (um the hangers, not the fishies.)

Cinch plant hangers

A Touching Tale

If you are a plant lover than you touch your plants. You keep their leaves shiny and clean. You mist, water, snip and more, but when have your plants ever interacted with all of that nurturing (save the Venus Fly Trap) Probably never, until now. The Magic Trees: Touchy Mutchy Plant interacts with you every time you touch it. Also known as the Shy Plant or the Sensitive Plant or the Tickle Me Plant, it is magically responsive to touch touch it, the leaves curl up on you for a few seconds and then uncurl. Touch it again and there she goes again. Come on admit it, you can’t wait to try! Kids will love this one too and can be a great way to get them interested in our environment, sustainability and gardening. Plus this mini version of the plant grows in a can, so it is easy to grow and maintain. It makes a great mail-order gift for friends or relatives.

Touchy Mutchy Tickle Me Plant Shy Plant

Water What?

If you love fresh herbs, Fung Shui and fish I found the perfect addition to your home. The Aquafarm is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows up to 6 plants and herbs at once. The waste produced by the fish provides nutrients for the plants, while the plants in return clean the water providing a natural balanced ecosystem for the two. This AquaFarm makes a great addition to any home or office, even a child’s room. 

Do a Little Dance…With Your Plant?

Yes! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Dancing Plant Tree, also known as Codariocalyx Motorius. This plant is truly amazing. Like other “Magic Plants” this one has a mind of its own. Have you ever danced with a tree or even seen a tree dance? Well, turn up the volume and get to because this baby is ready to groove.

You think I’m joking right? Ahem…you can see for yourself in the video here.


Adding living plants to your home is healthy for you, but before you bring any home, be sure to check which plants are healthy for your pets too.

If you just aren’t ready to say goodbye to spring yet, try out these great tricks to keep your home and garden green!

One comment on “Indoor Gardening: 4 Unique Ideas for Beginners

  1. Patricia
    June 20, 2014

    I want one of those Aqua Farms!!!


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