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Keep up your organizing momentum

After Organize Your Files Week, you’d probably like a break in getting all your stuff together and making it manageable, but wait! Piggy back on your file-organizing success with some simple-but-seriously-helpful household organizers. For example, the Day Clock. Though it looks just like a regular analog wall clock, a day clock is expressly for getting the day of the week right every single time. In case you don’t have room for a clock and a day clock, you can also get a combo version in silver and Oak (large and small). The day clock shown below is also available in Oak.

Classic Mahogany Day Clock

Forgetting the day isn’t a giant waste of time, but even seconds add up.

If you prefer something for your desk, the Museum of Modern Art has two perpetual calendars: a cubes version, and a spindle version.

Speaking of desks: on my desk, space is at a premium, and though I like having photos of my family and friends nearby, I often have to sacrifice to the gods of work the space where I would set any frames. I really like picture hangers because it gets my favorite images off my desk so I can use that space for papers (ack! more papers!) and also because, if I spill something on my desk, everything clipped to the picture hangers is safe! Available in “Birds on a Wire” (below), Bunny Trail, Catwalk, and Like Line.

Birds on a Wire Picture Hanger

Comes with 8 bird clips and a 36-inch line for hanging.

As for the mess of cords under my desk… that’s another story completely. (Trust me: you do not want to see all the stuff I have under my desk.) The Knotty Bunny Cable Organizers help to keep all my cords from tangling with each other—or themselves!—and are also very easy to use.

Knotty Bunny Cable Organizer

Sets of six feature colors that are difficult to miss, even under your desk.

Really, it’s the little things that make a room look messy or clean. If you’ve got a bunch of mail lying on your table or nightstand, that’s messy. If the mail is neatly kept in a letter holder, that’s clean. Go international (below), Western, classy, or colorful. Anyway you write it, organizing your letters can keep bills and correspondence from slipping through the cracks.

Par Avion Letter Holder

This letter stand can sit near your front door or anywhere else you toss your mail.

I know these are all relatively small suggestions—no “Let’s clean out the entire garage” will ever come from me!—but it’s the small things that makes the big things easier. Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed by all your clutter; take one thing at a time and take breaks when you need to. The only person who can tell you if you want to keep it (whatever “it” is) is you. I’m rooting for you! If you want to, post pictures below of your “before” and “after” organizing pictures. You might just inspire someone else to tackle their own mess, too.

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