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Bookish: 5 Must Haves For Book Lovers

It’s no secret that I love books. Seriously, I probably have more books in my house than basically everything else combined, even if I count each sock separately. I mentioned some beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright bookmarks at the end of my post about Library Week, but in this post I want to elaborate on one of my obsessions: all things books!

First, bookshelves. I really want two or three (or four!) of these Conceal Shelves, available in large (20 lb. weight capacity) and small (15 lb. weight capacity). A lot of my books are just stacked on the floor (waiting to be kicked over by accident in the middle of the night! ugh) because I have no more bookcase space for them, but these neat Conceal Shelves get books out of the path and make for interesting wall art at the same time, completely and totally customizable! After all,
I’m the one stacking my books on an invisible shelf, right? I can stack which ever ones I want!

Conceal Shelf Invisible Bookshelf

Made from power-coated steel, these floating shelves are available in silver and white.

Conceal Shelf Umbra
Similarly, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has designed a flashy 12 Degree Bookstand, available in bright green, orange, and white. The subtle angle of this book holder gives it a unique aesthetic. This high quality book stand can easily be appreciated by any fan of architecture and modern design.

Twelve Degree Bookstand

Assuming I do somehow come up with more desk space and still want to prevent my books from falling over—talk about #readerproblems—I can get these awesome Katana Bookends, or Jungle Bookends if I’m thinking nature, or James the Bookend if I want a clean, contemporary look.

Katana Bookends

No books were harmed in the making of these bookends. Really, I promise.

James the Bookend by Black + Blum

James the Bookend by Black + Blum

If I actually want to read (gasp!) a book or two, I definitely need bookmarks. I like the Frank Lloyd Wright ones by MoMA, but I’m afraid I’ll lose them, and that’d be such a shame. The durable silicone rubber FINGERPRINT Bookmarks keep my page and the line. There’s also the always-interesting Zipmark Zipper Bookmark.

Finger Print Bookmark

Doubles as a book strap!

Zipper Bookmark
Reading isn’t an Olympic sport, obviously, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to be uncomfortable doing it. Enter the Carepeutic Bed Lounger with Heated Comfort Massage. I’ll use mine for reading, of course, but it’s also great for watching TV, talking on the phone in bed, or just leaning back for a quick massage. The arms are detachable and the Lounger comes with a carrying bag for convenient storing.

Reading Light and Back Support Comfort Seat

Includes a built-in LED reading light and a large side pocket for drinks or magazines.

I hope I’ve inspired you to curl up with a good book—don’t forget your bookmark!—and take stock of the great literature the people of the world has produced, whether you’re sitting in bed or on a bench at the park. Trust me, there’s nothing like reading adventures and armchair travel.

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