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April showers bring May flowers: at home

At work? Check out great flower upgrades for your desk and coworkers!

Growing your own flowers can be taxing if you don’t have a natural green thumb, but don’t worry! With the Magic Flowers: Pansy kit, you’ll have bright blooms in no time at all, perfect for a spring brunch or brightening up your coffee table. Old lore holds that pansies represent love at first sight: the love between two people before they ever speak to each other! Use these magic flowers at your own discretion.

Magic Flowers: Pansy

If you’re looking for something with more umph, try Magic Vegetables: Ghost Chili.

If you don’t have time for pets, even plant pets, these 40″ Orchid Lights should be right up your alley. Perfect for indoor use, these silk flowers won’t wilt or wither, so display with confidence! Forty-eight rice bulb lights accent the orchids’ delicate beauty and cast a soft glow for a calming atmosphere.

40" Orchid Lights w/ 3 Branches

Includes three branches and an adapter for your wall outlet.

If you want to have your flowers and eat them, too… (What? It’s not like most flowers are poisonous; you could eat them if you wanted to.) I’ve got just thing for you! Neat Eats Flower Cupcakes are great for kids and whimsical adults alike. Each box includes two silicone rubber baking cups and two flower forks.

Neat Eats Flower Cupcakes

Great for ice cream, too! If you don’t mind eating with a flower fork for full effect.

April showers bring May flowers, indoors and out, so let’s celebrate the season! What’s your favorite flower? (Or, what’s a good type of flower that someone like me, who knows nothing about plants, is least likely to kill?)

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2 comments on “April showers bring May flowers: at home

  1. Paticia
    May 30, 2014

    I really like the pot and flower fork.That would be so cute to make cupcakes out of.


  2. kevin
    May 30, 2014

    The pansy kits are good for my window sill


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