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April showers bring May flowers: at work

At home? Check out great flower-themed products for your abode, too!

Are you constantly searching for a spare paperclip, like me? Honestly, when I don’t need them, they remind me of the Clippy, the Microsoft Word “office assistant”: annoying and in the way. When I do need them, I can’t find a single clip anywhere! So typical. The Desk Daisy Paperclip Holder fixes both problems: clips are easily found and out of the way!

Desk Daisy Paperclip Holder

Includes a holder with poseable stems and 30 colorful petal-shaped clips.

If you’re more into live blooms (or your office mate doesn’t appreciate your whimsy), keep the Step Gable Flower House with artistically placed flowers at the edge of your desk for all to enjoy. This vase is modeled after Dutch townhouses, which are famous for their height, multiple windows, and beauty.

Step Gable Flower House

Please click through for actual vase design; it’s similar but has a different roof style.

If you need to give your office mate a card apologizing for being so tacky with the flower paper clip holder and the real flowers in your Dutch townhouse vase didn’t work, either—not that I’m speaking from experience or anything, of course—you can whip out one of these Museum of Modern Art daffodil note cards, complete with lavender envelope, and (hopefully) save the day. I mean, really: who doesn’t like pop up note cards, right?

Pop-Up Note Cards Set

Sunflower pop up note cards are also available.

(If you’re still having trouble with your office mate even after all that, though: I’m sorry. I don’t know what to tell you; maybe you need a new office mate. Oh, if only getting new coworkers were really that easy, right?)

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One comment on “April showers bring May flowers: at work

  1. kevin
    May 30, 2014

    nice Sunflower pop up note cards !


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