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National Photograph Month

At 2Shopper, we are crazy about analog photography! Seriously, we’ve got more than 100 analog cameras with various lenses and other photography-themed products for your retro viewing pleasure (pun totally intended).

If you’re a budding photographer (or you know a budding photographer), you’ll definitely want to have the Diana F+ Deluxe Kit on hand for all your picture-taking needs. (Just don’t forget your 120 roll film!) The kit contains a Diana F+ analog camera and a wide array of lenses, filters, adapters, and viewfinders so that you can take every kind of photo you can possibly imagine.

Diana F+ Deluxe Kit

Included lenses: 20mm fisheye, 38mm ultra-wide, 55mm wide, and 110mm telephoto.

Well, maybe not every type of photo you can imagine, but the Colorsplash Flash will surely help you cover your bases. Plenty of people these days manipulate images after they’re taken using Photshop or another editing program, but have you thought about switching it up and adding bright color while the image is being captured? A flash and the rainbow in one, the patented color-wheel system puts several colored flash filters at your disposal. The Colorsplash Flash is great for experimentation. Add a surreal flash burst onto long exposures and get a beautiful and dynamic photo!

Colorsplash Flash

Important note: camera NOT included with the Colorsplash Flash.

If you’re an even more experimental type, try out our Sunography Solar Powered Photography Fabric. The simple, natural process for creating great images in rich blue print on fabric is easy and quick. Simply place any object or transparency (best idea!!) on the fabric, expose it in bright sunlight, and rinse. Each of the six 6″x6″ 100% cotton squares is light sensitive on both sides so that you are able to make two-sided prints. You also have the option to tone your prints yellow or sepia afterward using rinses with common household liquids.

Sunography Solar Powered Photography Fabric

If you’d rather try print materials first, check out Sunography Photo Paper.

Is anyone out there an amateur photographer? Or a professional one, for that matter? Here’s a challenge for you: take a picture that represents your favorite book or movie without using the book or movie in the image and post it in the comments! I always love getting to know our 2Shopper readers.

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