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Simple De-Clutter Tactics

We would all like to be better organized, but many of us are just plain lazy or too darn busy or some think it’s just too hard. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. First things first, change your perspective.

  • Getting organized will make spring cleaning easier…
  • Getting organized will literally give you the proverbial, “clean slate”…
  • Getting organized will improve the energies of your surroundings…

What To Do With All That Jewelry?

Costume jewelry is a pain in the butt, but getting it all sorted out and managed just got a lot easier with this Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer. No more tangled necklaces. No more lost earrings or earring backs. No more wondering where your favorite bangles are. This organizer has a place for everything so you can keep everything in its place and still see where it is.


Free Up Wall Space

Towel racks are handy, but they are not always practical. Some bathroom spaces are too small and the visual bulk of towels hanging on a rack can be blah. Free-up some wall space, both visually and literally by removing the towel rack and using the Birdseye 10-Hook Over-Door Rack instead. Not only can you hang towels on it, but there is plenty of room for your robe too and the best part is, this is a simple way to get rid of visual clutter.


Scarves, Belts and Ties Oh My!

How are you storing your scarves, belts and/or ties? Chances are they’re draped around hangers in your closet or taking up valuable real estate in your drawers. The Flip Coat Hook is perfect because they are super space-saving and because the hooks flip-up, they are completely unobtrusive when not in use.

flip-coat-hookTied Up And Twisted

Most of us have a lot of things we need to plug-in, but they don’t need to remain plugged in when we are done using them. Also, power-strips are not exactly pleasant contraptions to look at and loose cords are just messy and sometimes trip hazards. The Plug Out Organizer is just the ticket. You can organize up to five cords and keep them secure when not in use without the gaudy power-strip.


Hard Core Tidy

OK so enough with the cutesy right? Guys, this one is for you! The Skull Tidy is perfect to house all of your gadgets and accessories at the end of the day. There is a place for your shades, hat, keys, pocket change and more. Not to mention, it just looks cool.


Spring Into Action

What are you waiting for? Once you have some of your basics organized you will see what a difference it makes and how much easier it will make your spring cleaning efforts.

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