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Bold Strokes

I recently wrote briefly about jewelry in my post about International Astronomy Day, but, as you may imagine, in a much different context. Let’s look at another piece of multi-use jewelry from a different angle. The beautiful Aquitane Sundial Necklace makes a subtle statement while secretly having the duel purpose of keeping you on time (as long as you know how to read a sundial, of course).

Aquitane Sundial Necklace

Designs: Astrology, Aztec, Celestial, Celtic, and Laurel Leaves (shown).

The next two pieces are made by the same company, BATUCADA. The Bird Bracelet and matching Necklace are made just for nights of passion and drama. Lightweight and eye-catching, these pieces kick a cocktail dress of any color up a notch, whether worn separately or together.

Bird Bracelet

Wear two bracelets linked together as a choker!

Similarly, the Cloud Bracelet and Necklace are sure to turn heads; all four of these pieces are great for people with alloy or metal allergies: made of eco-friendly synthetic rubber, these bracelets and necklaces are tough but flexible. Resistant to seawater, they can be washed in mild soap and water.

Cloud Necklace

Make sure to store flat when not wearing or the material may warp.

Finally, what’s a great collection of jewelry without a decent place to store it? If you can’t afford (or don’t have space for) a proper jewelry armoire, install the Twigsy Jewelry Tree on your wall to keep your necklaces from tangling again while simultaneously keeping them within arms reach! The wall-mount tree can also double as a coat rack.

Twigsy Wall-Mount Jewelry Tree

Looks great in multiples; mounting hardware included.

Make a statement with your wardrobe; it’s always a good time for bold strokes!

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One comment on “Bold Strokes

  1. sharoanypony
    May 20, 2014

    The #Batucada Jewelry is so sweet! And it really does look like a tattoo!


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