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World Press Freedom Day

Every year since 1993, freedom of the press has been celebrated on May 3 as World Press Freedom Day. I didn’t realize this growing up, but freedom of the press is a Big Deal. Without it, there’s almost nothing that any given government can’t cover up or sweep under the rug. (That is, freedom of the press works as a balancing factor against government corruption and big companies’ buy outs.) While newspapers proper may be going the way of the dodo, we still count on the news to keep us up-to-date in matters of state, country, and world. Broadening our horizons and looking at the Earth as a whole can help us connect to other people across the globe whom we may have never met, and whom we may never meet.

One thing that connects us all is time. Whether we like that or not (I’m always late, so I tend not to like it as much as other people may!), time happens while we go about our daily lives. Since breaking news can occur anywhere in the world, it’s always nice to know what time it is where the news is happening, so this World Time Wall Clock is just the thing.

World Time Wall Clock

Your local time is superimposed over a world map, and the time in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, and New York is shown below.

I also plan to carry a Picture Translator with me when I want to travel where the news is! Since I know English and a little bit of German, I can’t get around very well in most of the world, but luckily for me a picture is worth a thousand words.

Picture Translator

Made of metal and paper, this Picture Translator will let me communicate re: basic, personal, medical, travel, and business needs.

Right now, though, I live in the United States, and I have to make a concerted effort to avoid Ameri-centric or Euro-centric news. Honestly… most days I fail miserably. With World Press Freedom Day, I’m working on diversifying my go-to news outlets, and I need your help. Right now, I regularly follow CNN, based in the United States; Al Jazeera, based in Qatar; and NHK, based in Japan. I know I’m missing plenty of great world news resources, so please let me know how you get your news down in the comments!

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