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Let’s Go Retro!

Do you ever feel nostalgic for simpler times? You can bring that “retro” charm into your home with a few well placed items like these…

Remember Slides?

Many of us have some stored in boxes with the good intention of eventually getting them converted to digital versions. Why not take a few favorites (up to 13) and add a piece of retro art to your home or office with this 2′ Slide Light? You can hang it vertically or horizontally.

What better way to bring the past into the present than to highlight real images on real slides like pictures used to be!


One Ringy Dingy

Get a load of this old-fashioned hand-set rotary phone. It’s called the 746 Petrol Blue Phone and it looks hot. Imagine gabbing with the girls like they did back in the day. I bet you won’t have to ask, “Can ya hear me now?”


Say Cheese!

This 60’s era replica camera would look great on any shelf in any room or office. The Diana F+ is a real 120 film camera just like those in the past, with a few added updates.


Pass the Salt Please

Since we’re on the subject of cameras, I couldn’t pass by these cute “film roll” salt and pepper shakers. What a great addition to any kitchen, especially for a photographer or hobbyist.


Milk It For All It’s Worth

If you want to go back even further [maybe you DO remember the days of the “Milkman”], check out this cute Retro Milk Bottle & Sugar Serving Set. What a great addition to a vignette this would make on any kitchen counter. The two pieces stack on top of one another, it comes with a red or black [your choice] silicone cap to keep things fresh.


When Nature Calls

OK so maybe we don’t [or shouldn’t] talk on the phone while we are in the bathroom, but we can now shower with the phone, or at least we can with the Off The Hook Shower Head. What a fun way to add a punch of personality to your bathroom!

off-the-hook-shower-headThere are lots a fun ways to go retro; whether it’s just a touch here and there like I present or even for those who want to go full-on retro. Pick an era and run with it!

2 comments on “Let’s Go Retro!

  1. sharoanypony
    May 2, 2014

    I’m so in love with that phone. It’s coming out in Cream and Green as well. Swoooon for rotary!


    • Cheri
      May 2, 2014

      Oooh I would LOVE the green one 😉


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