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Social Media Madness

The Internet and social media have become a part of our offline world. How many times have you caught yourself almost saying “LOL” in a real face to face conversation? I’d bet at least once.

The fact is, our lives are digital and it makes sense that we would find fun ways to bring the online off, just like we find ways to bring the offline, on.

The retailers have caught-on and created some cool this and that’s for our offline-on pleasure. Here are a just few…

It’s All In The Lingo

Who wouldn’t want this Chat Coaster Set? Seriously!

This is one of the cooler coaster sets I have seen in a while. Like “WTF”, it would be an #EpicFAIL not to get these, otherwise everyone would be like, OMG or just plain LOL at you!


He Like’s It, Hey Mikey

Sometimes our family photos are our life-lines and someone has gotten clever by creating this social media LIKE LINE Picture Hanger. The choice is yours, do you “Like” it or are you a Hater? If you”like” it, did you know you can “share” this image on Pinterest? It’s true, there’s a little icon at the end of this post. Just sayin’!


Social Psycho

OK, admit it, you want one of these Social Shower Curtain‘s. It’s just fun and there’s even a peek-a-boo window where your profile picture would be. At least you will be able to see if a real Psycho is coming.


The Social Office 

Social media has also made its way into our offices and classrooms with the Like & Dislike Stamps Set. This would  make a great and memorable gift for any teacher or boss. It is also sure to make everyone smile, unless of course you give’em a thumbs down!


Lots of moms use pacifiers for their babies and today’s hipster mom can get a CHILL BABY “Like” It Pacifier. It’s up to you which direction you point the thumb, either way it is sure to make people stop and comment.



How often have you found yourself using online lingo in everyday life?

2 comments on “Social Media Madness

  1. sharoanypony
    May 2, 2014

    Can an adult wear the pacifier? I’d like to shove a thumbs down in a lot of mouths I encounter. lol!


    • Cheri
      May 2, 2014

      LMAO!!!! hahahahahaha LOVE that, me too!


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