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It’s Easter, but I’m not religious; what should I do?

I’m not religious either, so you’re not alone. Turns out that many of the traditions Christians celebrate during the Easter season are actually much older than Christianity! Egg dying, bunny rabbits, pastel colors, and celebrating new life are for everyone in the world to enjoy, so don’t worry too much about offending someone else’s sensibilities; take the holiday and make it your own. I have five ideas that will put some spring into your step for Easter and the egg-sellent season. (Uuuuugh; okay, okay: I’m done with puns for the rest of this post, I promise!)

Everyone knows that you can dye eggs for Easter, but did you know about egg shaping? Instead of focusing on the eggshell, these Egg Shapers focus your attention on the hard boiled egg inside. (There’s also a heart-shaped Eggspress.)


Available in Car & Fish and Rabbit & Bear

Speaking of food, how about some homemade butter? I mean, on toast or something, of course, but homemade… by you. How can that not be a good thing? It’s not exactly new life, but learning to make your own butter is acquiring a new skill, and at the very least you’ll know what’s in your butter because you put it there. You can add honey, garlic, or anything else you can think of to make your butter fantastic, but it only has a one-cup capacity, so if your’e planning a party, you had better start making butter ahead of time.

Ever considered giving homemade butter as a gift?

Ever considered giving homemade butter as a gift?

Speaking of great herbs you can mix into butter, this is my favorite herb-growing idea I’ve seen in quite a while. Egglings are little plants—waiting inside an egg for you to help them grow! It fits in perfectly with the Easter theme, and if you’re giving this as a gift, you won’t have to worry about making sure your gift is religious (or secular) enough for the recipient. Comes with the seeds of either: basil, lavender, mint, petunia, prickly cactus, shasta daisy, spicy red pepper, or wild strawberry.

Adorable; I want to grow Lavender, Mint, and Wild Strawberry already!

Adorable; I want to grow Lavender, Mint, and Wild Strawberry already!

If eggs aren’t really your thing but you still want to grow some herbs with which to flavor your cooking, take a gander at the AquaFarm, a fish tank and mini herb garden in one. It includes everything you’ll need for a symbiotic relationship: a three-gallon tank, organic seeds, and even a fish coupon! It’s an eco-friendly idea: the fish poo fertilizes the plants, and the plants keep the fish bowl clean. Everyone’s happy. 🙂

Fish not included, but the kit comes with a coupon to get one.

Fish not included, but the kit comes with a coupon to get one.

Another way to celebrate the season is watch the life cycle for yourself. Using the Green Earth Insect Kit, you can hatch, grow, and release either butterflies or praying mantis (or your kids can). Each kit includes everything needed to support your insects except for the butterfly larvae or praying mantis eggs—but there are instructions on how to obtain “live materials” so don’t fret.

Green Earth Insect Kit

You can choose between Butterfly and Praying Mantis.

As I mentioned, many Easter traditions are older than the Easter we know today. Even if you aren’t a Christian, you can still honor the season and celebrate new life and growth. And don’t forget to dye some eggs for me!


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