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International Moment of Laughter Day

Have you ever watched a cat chase a laser pointer and thought it was the funniest thing you’d ever seen? I have. A cat chasing a laser pointer is some good times for the cat and the person holding the pointer, trust me. This handy dandy Red Laser Pointer with 5 Patterns kicks it up a notch and lets the cat (or dog, or any other animal that will chase a laser) chase a line, dot, arrow, hand with pointer finger, or circle. (Or, if you’re like me, you can use it to annoy your annoying neighbors.)

Mr. Laser Red Laser Pointer with 5 Patterns

Just twist the pointer to change the icon.

April 14th is International Moment of Laughter Day, and who doesn’t like laughing? There are plenty of ways to celebrate, and I’m thinking more than just pranking a friend (or foe). After all, pranks are for April Fools Day. (Unless, I suppose, you’re pranking your cat into chasing a laser pointer or annoying your aforementioned annoying neighbors.) You want laughs all around without any hurt feelings? I’ve got you covered.

First off: Photo Booth. No, it’s not, like, an actual photo booth. It’s a set of party props for your guests to “disguise” themselves! A party will never being boring while everyone is in persona and speaking in British accents (however poor those accents may be). You try being serious while holding a fake mustache and Buddy Holly glasses up to your face and see how long you last before you’re laughing and everyone else is laughing with you.

Photo Booth

Everything from mustaches to masks to glasses frames! There’s even an old-timey pipe!

Kids (and kids-at-heart) also love bubbles, and now you can have an iridescent atmosphere any time you please with a Bubble Machine, great for parties, weddings, or just a hot summer afternoon. The kind of laughter this machine helps produce comes from a simple place of joy.

Bubble Machine

The black, plastic body disguises a great power to disarm, so use with care.

Now, take a look at these Black Playing Cards. Can you imagine playing a decent game of Speed with these suckers? My mom collects playing card decks, and even she wouldn’t keep these around for very long! Playing Speed, you’ll either be on the floor laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole game (really? black on black playing cards? really?) within just a round or two, or you’ll be so frustrated that you’ll suddenly be playing 52 Pickup.

Black Playing Cards

Original face card graphics are by Balance Wu Design.

Okay; last, but not least: the Bin Bag of Fun. If your annoying neighbor doesn’t at least crack a smile when he walks by a goldfish trash can liner waiting for pick up on the side of the road, he just might be a lost cause. Each box comes with 12 bags, and each bag holds roughly 15 gallons of whatever you want (though I recommend against 100% liquid because that would just get unruly). Plus, the bags are biodegradable! What’s not to like?

Bin Bag of Fun

Also comes in “Christmas pudding” but I’m not sure I want my garbage looking like food.

Truly, laughter is good for more than just your mood: “It relieves stress, instills optimism, raises self-confidence, defuses resistance to change, and enhances all your relationships.” So think about laughing today, even if that means simply going to the nearby greeting card shop and reading the funny cards until you find one that makes you laugh out loud. 🙂

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One comment on “International Moment of Laughter Day

  1. Patricia
    April 14, 2014

    Laughter is the best medicine!


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