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National Library Week is April 13-19 This Year!

National Library Week is smack dab in the middle of April this year, and whether you’re seriously studying for your courses ending in May or you just want to take some time for yourself in a quiet place with a good book, your nearest library is a great spot to hunker down for a while! Of course, you’re going to need to go in prepared, and I’m here to help you with that. First off, you need a set of great headphones for that personal soundtrack you bring along with you. If you’re the kind of person who always gets the cords tangled, then these Funkyfonic Retractable Earbuds are for you.

Funkyfonic Retractable Earbuds

These earbuds keep the cord mess at bay!

If you’d rather have a little bling to go with your favorite book, check out these stylish Gem Earbuds.

Gem Earbuds

No lie: I might have to pick up a pair of these for myself.

Or, if you’re into the surround-sound-no-expense-spared kind of luxury that comes with over-ear headphones (aren’t we all?), then these bad boy ZHP-1000 Headphones straight from Japan are perfect for the deep bass and comfortable listening that you crave.

 Zumreed ZHP-1000 Headphones

Plus, they come in two classic colors: black or white.

Now that we’ve got your ears covered (no pun intended), let’s look at the mess of cords you’re sure to have if you bring along your laptop, your cell phone, and your mp3 player—and all their cording! Nobody likes sitting next to someone, in a library or anywhere else, who’s taking up two spaces with all their stuff. I’m just going to share with you my two favorite cord holders, but of course you can always have a look for yourself at all the great cord wranglers we carry!

There’s the always classic Bobino Medium (also comes in Large and Small, and all sizes come in black or white). I like Bobino because they are at the same time simply designed and versatile. Plus, they’re flat, so they don’t take up much space.

Bobino Medium

You really can’t go wrong with a more organized workspace!

If you want something a little more permanent (but not irreversible!) in the way of getting your cords to keep to themselves, may I suggest Leafkeepers Cable Ties. You get twelve ties at once, so you know you’re getting money’s worth.

Leafkeepers Cable Ties

Who says you have to sacrifice beauty for utility?

And finally! What’s a trip to the library without a bookmark or two to keep your place in your favorite book? I’m a big fan of classic, stylish bookmarks, and the Frank Llyod Wright line has me head over heels. Just look at these beauties! Perfect placeholders for even the most upper class book (and its owner). Choose from (left to right) Waterlillies, Lawrence, and Tree of Life.

Frank Lloyd Wright Bookmarks

Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art.

I hope I’ve inspired you to visit your local library for National Library Week; my library is one of my favorite places, and, properly equipped, it can be a virtual path to whole new worlds. Now get reading!

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2 comments on “National Library Week is April 13-19 This Year!

  1. Patricia
    April 14, 2014

    I never understood why people have headphone on in the library. Are you not suppose to be reading a book??? How can one focus on reading while listening to music??


    • V.E.
      April 14, 2014

      I use headphones for two reasons. First, when I’m playing music, it’s like listening to white noise and it helps me tune out the other sounds around me in the library. Second, wearing headphones acts as kind of a “I’m busy right now; don’t bother me” barrier against interruptions from other people. So, sometimes I wear headphones and I’m not actually listening to anything at all! I just don’t want to chat because I’m doing work, you know?


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