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Do We Really Need Another Excuse NOT To Do Housework?

I don’t, but in case you’re more guilt-ridden than I am about that pile on the desk amassing more and more paper every time you so much as walk by, I’ve got the perfect excuse for you. April 7th is No Housework Day. I’m not joking, so put down that duster and leave the dishes for tomorrow; April 7th is your day off, 100% guilt free.

Sit back and enjoy the relaxing Shiatsu massage provided by the Carepeutic Deluxe Hand-Touch Shiatsu and Swing Back Massager. (Yes, it’s a long name for a seat you’ll want to be sitting in for a long time!) This chair is heated and offers three different types of massages and three different intensities. Plus, it comes with a car adapter, so you can even use it on your drive to work. (Please keep your eyes open while driving, though!)

Carepeutic Deluxe Hand-Touch Shiatsu and Swing Back Massager

Close your eyes, sit back, and relaaaaaaaax.

I have trouble in particular with my shoulders and neck tensing up and hurting, and while the back massager is great for my upper and lower back, I’ve found that I need a little something more for my neck and shoulders while I’m relaxing (and not doing any housework). Turns out Carepeutic has just the thing for that, too: the Deluxe Heated Neck & Shoulder Massager. With 16 massage modes and a remote control, I can just lean back in my easy chair and let the day’s tension drain away.

Carepeutic Deluxe Heated Neck & Shoulder Massager

Good thing for me that it’s designed with hard-to-reach muscles in mind.

Finally, I can’t forget two of the hardest-working parts of the body: the feet! Using Carepeutic’s Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, you’re sure to get sweet feet relief. The preset massage time is an hour, but of course don’t let that stop you from sitting there enjoying the spa for longer! And, it has a convenient drain valve for draining water after use. And a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a calming getaway in your own house. I always like lavender, bergamot, neroli, or jasmine myself, but choose your favorite calming scent to help transport you to a relaxing memory!

Carepeutic Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

I know it looks a little strange, but—trust me—your feet will thank you.

I’ll also be writing about Stress Awareness Month (happening all April!) a little later in the month, so keep a sharp eye for more ways to help you relax, even on days that you have no excuse not to do housework.

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2 comments on “Do We Really Need Another Excuse NOT To Do Housework?

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  2. Patricia
    April 7, 2014

    I wish there was NO HOUSE WORK everyday!!! Hahaaha


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