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First Week in April is Read a Roadmap Week

Who needs a GPS when you have a roadmap? (Actually—hahaha—don’t answer that.) Turn off your phone; put away your GPS device; throw a paper road atlas in your car and take the trip of a lifetime! Whether it be a day trip down to the beach or up to the mountains or a weeks-long cross-country extravaganza, I’m here to share with you my top three road trip must-haves.

Number 1: You need a map.

Obviously. If you’re in the vicinity of Chicago, New York City, or San Francisco, then the Crumpled City Map is just for you. No need to worry about refolding it correctly or (not) using it in the rain—these maps are rip resistant and waterproof.

Crumpled City Map

Plus, each map comes with a drawstring pouch for easy storing!

If you’re not  in one of those cities, however, have no fear. Use a scratch map to plan where you’re going and see where you’ve already been. I love this travel size USA scratch map, and it also comes in a larger size and in a Europe edition and three different World Map versions: travel, regular, and deluxe!



Just use a coin or your fingernail to scratch off where you’ve already been.

Number 2: You need a camera.

No one in their right mind goes on a road trip without a camera, and Read a Roadmap Week is no exception! Life is action; road trips can be fast paced; you need a camera that can measure up. Enter the Actionsampler Clear. Yep, it’s got four lenses to capture four times the action! (No worries about finding film, either: 35mm film at has everything you can imagine.) The camera’s see-through styling is just the icing on the photography cake.

Action Sampler Clear Analogue Camera

Can your cell phone take four-in-one shots? I didn’t think so.

If you’re even more old school, pick up one of these Sprocket Rocket wide-angle cameras: available in Azure Blue, Pink, Teal, and classic Black. These cameras use any kind of 35mm film you can find (color negatives, slide, black & white, redscale)—but make sure you do have film! Sprocket Rocket cameras are not digital; most definitely analogue, these babies are the definition of “old school”. And, the super wide angle lens captures the entire width of the film, including the sprocket holes!

lomography sprocket rocket camera

Shown in Black. Azure Blue, Pink, and Teal are also available.


Number 3: You need to avoid getting carsick.

What’s the point of a great car trip when you’re stuck in the back seat with a barf bag? That’s not fun for anyone, you especially, and if you’ve taken road trips before, you know I’m not lying on this one. In comes the Motion Sickness Relief Band to save the day (and the trip). This acupuncture band uses one AAA battery (two are included, and you can find replacements at your nearest grocery store) and sends that terrible carsick feeling packing. And, it works even if you start using it after you start feeling carsick.

Motion Sickness Relief Band

This thing works on any kind of motion sickness—even morning sickness!

So there you have it, my top three road trip must-haves: a map, a camera (and film!), and freedom from travel sickness! What do you make sure to have with you when you hop in the car for a long drive?

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