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Valentine’s Day Goodies for the Chef in Your Life

There is cooking and kitchen gadgets galore and picking something out for a chef can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.To make this Valentine’s Day easy schmeasy, take a peek at these four fabulous gift ideas that will have your sweetie cooking up a whole lotta love!

1. Stir Their Heart
Stir your sugar’s heart with this gorgeous Bamboo Heart Shaped Spoon. Although some swear by metal utensils for health reasons, studies have shown that Bamboo fibers have a natural sanitizing effect so they are not your ordinary wooden spoons and this one looks fantastic. Stirring up a few passions will be fun with this 11.75″ mixing spoon.

2. A Measure of Love
Heart measuring spoons

A pinch of this and a pinch of that is not exactly an accurate means of measuring the ingredients for that souffle you are hoping to gobble down so, why not give your cook some red, plastic, heart-shaped measuring spoons? They are easy to clean, fun to use and your connoisseur of cuisine will love them [and you] every time they use them.

3. Whisk Up Some Fun


Whip up something delicious and fun with this heart-shaped whisk. This is no ordinary whisk. It has a push mechanism that makes it rotary style affording a little less wrist action by creating its own spinning and whipping…and, it is made of stainless steel so it will last, just like your love.

4. Mold His or Her Heart


Who knew you could take a regular boiled egg and make it into a heart shape? Apparently a company called, Mustard, because they created the Eggspress so you can better express your love through food…with food! These molds are intended for use with pre-boiled eggs and will re-shape the egg into a perfect heart in no time, with no hassle.

Whatever you get your chef, you are sure to benefit from the gift too if it’s meant for the kitchen.

2 comments on “Valentine’s Day Goodies for the Chef in Your Life

  1. Patricia
    February 13, 2014

    Really like the heart shaped egg press. Too Cute!!


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