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7 Simple Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

In 18th century England, the tradition of giving gifts of love on February 14th became the norm and if you are like most people, you still haven’t figured out what to get your special someone even though it’s just a few days away. That’s OK! I got you covered for this annual love fest we call Saint Valentine’s Day. Here are 7 simple gift ideas that will put a silly smile on his or her face and a little love-light in their heart.

1. A Morning Cup O’ Love

Beatles Cup and SacuerStart their morning right by serving the morning java in style with this Beatles, “All You Need is Love” coffee cup and saucer. They don’t need to be a Beatles fan to appreciate this gift, but if they are? You just scored double points. Not a coffee drinker? How about hot cocoa or just filling it with some heart shaped candy, a gift card or anything fun that will fit!

2. Make a Morning Toast!

I Love You Toast Stamper I’m not suggesting you pop a bottle of bubbly at 6am, but you can certainly make some heartfelt toast with that cup of coffee you just poured using this groovy toast stamper. What better way to butter someone up? I’ll toast to that!

3.  Love-Hungry Hearts

If you have time to actually have a quickie – breakfast that is, why not cook-up a couple of eggs to go with that toast? If you use this fun heart-shaped egg and pancake shaper you can really serve up some love this Valentine’s Day.

Heart Mold Pancake Egg Ring

Want to score big? Serve your sweetie breakfast in bed! If you’re lucky, you might be a little late for work, if you know what I mean?

4. The Color of Love
Swarovski Crystal Heart Rainbow Maker by Kikkerland

Did you know you can make your own rainbow inside your house? It’s true and it’s easy with this heart-shaped, solar-powered, rainbow maker. Hang one in your bedroom window and you and your Valentine can enjoy the glorious colors of love dancing around the room. If you want, you can check out the video demonstration to see how pretty it looks. What a way to start any day!

5. Capture Her

Sprocket Rocket Lomo CameraOr…let her capture you, on film that is, by giving her a new pink Sprocket Rocket. It’s not what you think so get your mind out of the gutter. If you like the versatility and look of analogue, this is an excellent 35mm camera with a super-wide lens for awesome panoramic views. This SUPERPOP camera is superb and will capture all of those loving memories, for years to come, not just on Valentine’s Day.

 6. Sinless Chocolates
Heart Chocolate Box Magnets

These Magnetic Forever Chocolates are a sweet treat to the eyes and a daily reminder of your love. Not only are they realistic and super cute, they’re handy too. And, the best part is…they’re calorie free so you can have lots of them!

7. Stand her Up!
Cell phone stand and headphone organizer
Well not her exactly, because that would be bad, but the From the Heart – Mobile Device Stand & Cord Wrapper is a great gift to keep her phone and cord organized. It’s super compact and comes with a suction-cup so she can use it pretty much anywhere. It’s also great for hands free viewing and is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day because it’s pink!


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3 comments on “7 Simple Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

  1. Cheri
    February 10, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Sexy Cynics.


  2. Patricia
    February 12, 2014

    What wonderful ideas!! Thank you.


  3. Executive GIfts
    February 26, 2014

    Some great ideas here! Nice to see some original ideas being banded around as well as the traditional ones, thanks.


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