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Romance in the Air for Picnic Dates

Romantic Picnic

“I farted.” “I did, too.”

Birds are chirping, the breeze is flowing, the sun is shining and kind of burning but it’s okay… *dreamy sigh* Sounds like it’s time for a romantic picnic to us! And there couldn’t be a better time; we are right in between Valentine’s season and the beginning of spring, meaning that an outdoor picnic is a ripe opportunity to bask in the enveloping warmth of the sun while taking in nature’s new sights and new life. Plus, taking a significant other (or potential SO) on a romantic picnic sure beats your predictable dinner-and-a-movie. Even a picnic after dark invites chances for romance like feeding each other, stargazing together, and of course, smooching. Grab your red-checkered blanket and woven basket and get ready for that awesome lovey-dovey euphoric feeling called love with a few picnic ideas for the perfect ambiance!

1. Bey-Berk Leather Wine Caddy

Bey Berk Wine Caddy

Because serving each other beer is just not as attractive! A Bey-Berk Leather Wine Caddy is a PERFECT companion to your romantic picnic. In classic all-black leather, the wine case includes everything needed for that spontaneous glass of vino: two wine glasses, a wine tool with a bottle opener, foil cutter, and corkscrew, and an insulated space for a wine bottle of your choice. Plus the wine caddy also leaves plenty of room in your basket for other goodies, like cheese and grapes to pair with your vino!

2. Flower Loop Flower Vase

Flower Loop Vase

What would a romantic picnic be without a dainty flower to adorn your pseudo-table? A Flower Loop Flower Vase provides just enough room for a single bloom, which is really all that you need for your picnic date. Unlike other flower vases, though, this one is much more majestic and balanced, a graceful and understated piece of art. Made from a single steel wire, the Flower Loop is designed to imitate the Fibonacci curve observed throughout nature. The delicate loop on the bottom not only acts to stabilize the vase, but it also adds a small modern touch that complements the chrome finish. The Flower Loop Vase also includes an artificial calla lily, or simply remove it and add your own! Like being outside in nature isn’t enough!

3. Meteor Rain Lights

Meteor Rain Lights

Should you decide to have a nighttime picnic, it helps to have a little mood lighting. Candles might do the trick, but for a safer outdoor option, try Meteor Rain Lights. Each set of rope lights includes five meteor lights with 10 LED lights each, which drip so lightly from a tree or shrub with just enough magic for, ahem, other magic to happen. (We mean love, by the way, so get your mind outta the gutter.) Every set of string lights is also powered with a few AA batteries, so they really can be tossed in a car and tossed up when the moment is right. See the Meteor Rain Lights in action:

4. Deep Bento Box

Deep Bento Box

It is frankly NOT romantic to open up a cute woven basket and pull out a bag of chips, a box of crackers, and a market receipt, all from a plastic grocery bag. A successful romantic picnic needs at least a little bit of planning, so pack up snacks and finger foods in a Deep Bento Box. The Japanese know a thing or two about maximizing space, and this plastic lunch box holds over three cups of food with a removable partition and a secured locking lid.


The picnic staple: small sandwiches like muffaletta!

Speaking of food, what would you like to entice the taste buds in addition to the sensory experience of being outdoors with the one you admire? There’s much more than just that cheese and grapes you brought with the wine after all. Check out this list of 25 awesome picnic snacks, which include surprising food nominees like:

  • Nibbler-sized fruits like strawberries (always a picnic favorite)
  • Nutella! (We love Nutella.)
  • Mini homemade pizza (on english muffins!)
  • Pita chips and hummus
  • Sushi

So ignore your allergy to grass for a few hours and indulge in the romantic picnic and the atmosphere created by it. Nothing says ” you’re special to me” like someone going out of his/her way to prepare a simple but thoughtful outdoor meal for just the two of you! Oh, and we’d love to hear more romantic picnic ideas, so we are all ears!

Summer Picnic

What’s in your basket?

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