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Get the Munchies with Seven Food-Inspired Items

Wonka Factory


Ever had one of those days when everything just looks like food to you? Maybe because now everything does with food-inspired items! But not in a weird Willy Wonka sort of way, where someone munches away on a teacup when you knew as a kid it’s just wax. We mean things that look eerily like real food, where you take a double look, your mouth salivates, and you realize you’re hungry despite having just eaten a few minutes ago. You suddenly crave what that thing looks like, and you can’t stop thinking about it ’til you get it in your hands, close to your mouth, that wondrous smell invading your nostrils, and then– this is our ode to those moments, thanks to things inspired by food!

1. Sushi Staplers

DCI Sushi Mini Stapler, Assorted Styles

Droooool…. sushi… Sushi Staplers are just too tempting to not, you know, just try a small lick. We won’t tell anyone. But we will say that these mini staplers taste like plastic, unfortunately. Just think, though: every time you want to staple something, you’re so close to having sushi, you can almost taste it! You could if you want to, really.

2. Carrot Whisk

Carrot Whisk

Ah the kitchen: what’s a more obvious place for food-inspired items but food itself? Except a Carrot Whisk , which also reminds you to eat healthy after you eat whatever junk you’re baking up. How Willy Wonka would disapprove of this veggie-shaped mixer whisk!

3. Swiss Dish

Swiss dish
Say Swiss Dish! Not coincidentally also yielding a smile when saying it, this appetizer plate is clever in more ways than one. Holes in the Swiss provide a notch to set the plate onto a wine glass stem, keeping one hand free to munch!

4. Pickled Wine Stopper

Pickled Winestopper

Speaking of wine glass, consider using something, uh, a little unconventional as a bottle stopper. Say, a pickle? A Pickled Wine Stopper won’t sour up your aged vino, however; it just gives it that quirkiness to keep wine drinking from being too serious.

5. Chocolator

Chocolate Calculator

Crunch some numbers, but don’t lick your digits! It’s only a Chocolate Calculator. Smooth, huge, fantastic… Uh, we are talking about the solar calculator, right? Oh, right, right.

6. Yummy Pockets

DCi yummy food pockets coin purse

No, we’re not talking about Frank’s sausage-eating from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Rather, Yummy Pockets are plush bags with 3D images of food printed on them. Choose from sushi, peanut butter and jelly, and even a taco!

7. Delicious Food Stands

Japanese food iphone stand

If you’re looking for more variety in your food-inspired stuff, choose from any meal of the day with Delicious Food Stands for smartphones. An apple phone stand a day keeps the doctor away (by letting you screen your phone calls); stack a phone against a hot stack phone stand; and other clever phrases.

Munchies or not, food-inspired items take us from full to fully obsessed in seconds. Be it a sushi phone stand, taco coin purse, or a pickle bottle stopper, food inspires us to do some crazy things (like eat stuff that’s not edible) but, what can we say, we’re gluttons over it!

Willy Wonka

Why so glum, Mr. Wonka? Finally realize what all of us knew about the teacup, you faker?!?

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2 comments on “Get the Munchies with Seven Food-Inspired Items

  1. Sharon
    January 30, 2014

    “We are the music makers,
    And we are the dreamers of dreams”


    • Patricia
      January 31, 2014

      If I had that calculator I would probably try to eat it!! Hahaha


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