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Things We Love: Big Mouth Toys

You and your big mouth now have a great end-of-summer companion with our new favorite product line, Big Mouth Toys! Downright distasteful, shameless, functional: we love the quirky line and its offerings of toilet humor, beer-laced accessories, and things for the man cave. And wouldn’t ya know it, these raunchy items are just right for the barbecue party that rounds out this year’s summer season. Feast your eyes on what ridiculous looks like with these unique gifts and novelties!

1. Grill Sergeant Apron

Grill Sergeant Apron

Ten-hut! Which means, look over here at the Grill Sergeant Apron! No need to even to say that, though: the man apron does a pretty good job on its own of getting attention! Pockets for condiments, grilling accessories, and even six– SIX– cans of beer wrap around a grilling commando like Rambo out on a mission against to kill ’em at the weekend barbecue. Uh, minus the Vietnam flashbacks.

2. Beer Belt

Beer Belt

Beer belly not included.

Why strap cans of beer to your chest if you’re a lover, not a fighter? Let a Beer Belt embrace a belly no matter what size. The camouflage beer holder may not exactly hold pants up, but it sure keeps spirits up! Get it? But don’t think of it as a fanny pack: it’s more like a hands-free six pack for the fun people.

3. Red Cup Beer Koozie

Red Cup Kooler

Ah, the staple of any good college party: the red disposable cup. Now that you’re a grown-up, though, it’s time to graduate to a Red Cup Drink Kooler. Unlike its disposable counterpart, this insulated drink holder keeps cans and even bottles chilled and your hands condensation-free! So now you don’t need to worry about kid stuff like roofies in your open cup and can worry about grown-up things, like… bills and wearing comfortable shoes.

4. Toilet Mug 

Toilet Mug

We saved the best (or worst!) for last. A Toilet Mug for drinking out of. What’s the worst thing you can think of putting in it?… Really, don’t answer that. This ceramic coffee mug is perfect for when you just gotta go… get a caffeine fix! Use the novelty mug for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and maybe even candy! (See if anyone puts their grubby digits in this bowl!)

So you see, Big Mouth Toys is all about the surprise factor: things that make you go hmm, ick, or wow. Plus, it’s really interesting to see toilet humor all grown up, especially when there’s no shame about it! So go ahead, yap all you want with a weird gift from Big Mouth Toys, and make no apologies of it!

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2 comments on “Things We Love: Big Mouth Toys

  1. sharoanypony79
    December 6, 2013

    i think the toilet mug is the perfect water dish for a cat or dog 🙂 Very Funny!


  2. Patricia
    December 6, 2013

    I want the Big Mouth Toys Prescription Coffee Mug!!! Christmas wish list….wink wink


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