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13 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

From pumpkins to candles, to vegetables and succulents; Warm up your dinner table this thanksgiving season with these 13 creative, unique and easy to make centerpieces.

For a traditional thanksgiving theme gather up classic fall staples like wheat, dried corn, nuts or leaves to create a cozy and conventional fall harvest centerpiece.

Thanksgiving centerpieces

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It’s easy to create an inexpensive and easy vase centerpiece. With all you need is an inexpensive large 12″ clear glass vase from a thrift or bargain store and tall pillar candles. Fill your vases with colorful fall favorites like red lentils, split peas, popcorn kernels, kidney beans, red lentils, acorns and pine cone. Your wallet will be thankful for your fruitful yet frugal efforts this season!



fall-vase-filler3-550x1024A festive favorite currently trending on popular blogs and craft sites is the Pumpkin Flower Vase, a great DIY project. Just place a beautiful flower arrangement inside a pumpkin or gourd for an eye-catching centerpiece to add a soft and minimalist feel to your dinner table. To add some romance to your look we suggest painting the pumpkins, adding candles in the center and end with a nice flower arrangement.

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DIY Thanksgiving centerpiecesCreate an even more natural look with centerpieces made of various other fall vegetables and succulents like purple cabbage, squash, artichokes, asparagus, and onions.



Lastly, we can’t forget about a centerpiece for the kids table. Try these delightful DIY Pinecone Turkeys. A fun activity for kids to partake in while waiting for the thanksgiving dinner to hit the table.


Do you have any favorite centerpiece ideas that you like to impress your guests with? Any creative ideas we missed? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear all about it!

9 comments on “13 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

  1. Patricia
    November 14, 2013

    Even though my children are a bit older, I still love to make center pieces for the table and decorate the house. Thank you for the great ideas!


  2. sharoanypony79
    December 6, 2013

    artichoke candles are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


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