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Coffee Cup Recipes in a Cinch

When fast food just doesn’t hit the spot (or hits the wrong spots, if you know what I mean) and cooking is just too tedious or time-consuming, there’s easy coffee cup recipes! And they’re exactly what you think they are: easy recipes made ENTIRELY in a coffee mug using just a handful of ingredients. Think about the advantages: very little clean-up, easy, quick, easy, portable, easy, tasty. Did we mention easy? Requiring only microwave cooking, coffee cup recipes are perfect for the busy bee or the starving student. Read on to get your homemade-meal fix in a grab-n-go form!

1. Meatloaf in a Mug

Meatloaf in a Mug

YES, it can be done! Meatloaf in a Mug requires just a few ingredients for an authentic-tasting home-cooked meal: hamburger, the all-too-necessary ketchup, some milk, oats, and a bit of onion soup mix. Cook up the microwave meal for a few minutes in the very appropriate Ma! Meatloaf! Mug, an ode to the movie Wedding Crashers:

Meatloaf Mug

We want it now!

2. Microwave Mac-and-Cheese

Mac and Cheese

As if the pasta recipe couldn’t be any easier, Microwave Mac-and-Cheese brings together a mere three ingredients for coffee cup cheesiness. Macaroni, cheese, and a spoonful of milk combine for a warm cup of home-cooked comfort that’s perfect for students away for school. Take it in an History of Art Mug and figure that you needn’t go to that art class if you can learn it all from a coffee mug:

History of Art Mug

What, me study?

3. Coffee Cup Quiche


Master a brunch favorite with easy Coffee Cup Quiche! Bagel pieces, an egg, some prosciutto or ham, and a few other items create a delectable, portable quiche that cooks while you’re getting ready to head out the door in the morning. Don’t forget a Ninja Mug to show off your mighty-looking coffee cup recipe!

Ninja Mug

Slice into goodness!

Hungry for more microwavable munchies? Check out BuzzFeed’s list of coffee cup recipes like Coffee Cup Coffeecake and Chilaquiles in a Cup. Then grab a quirky coffee cup like one of the ones above, pack it up, cook it up, and take it up– to go, that is. Let it be known that coffee cup recipes will single-handedly save the world from morning tummy grumbles and kitchens from an unsightly mess!

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3 comments on “Coffee Cup Recipes in a Cinch

  1. Patricia
    November 14, 2013

    To me a meal in a coffee cup just seems like a rainy, wearing your pajamas type of day.Love it!!


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  3. sharoanypony79
    December 6, 2013

    omg need quiche!


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