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Our Exclusive Interview With A Crazy Cat Lady for National Cat Day!

By now, and especially due to the popularity of Eleanor Abernathy from The Simpsons, we’re all aware of the Crazy Cat Lady.


Dr Eleanor Abernathy MD JD


Yah They're Having Fun

Yah They’re Having Fun

You see her buying litter, outfits, and toys at your local pet store. You see her covered in cat hair at the farmers market, and if you’re like our subject, her work station is covered in cat paraphernalia. Today we approach our Content Manager Sharon with some Crazy Cat Lady Q & A. And if your deepest quandaries are not addressed, please feel free to submit your own “Ask a Cat Lady” Questions below. So let’s get started:

Q: Have you always been a cat lady? Or when did it begin?

A: I think it begins when you go through that mystical transference of everyone calling you Ma’mm instead of Miss. But even when I was a Miss, I was still a cat lady. I was raised in a house with a lot of dogs and that kind of caused me to gravitate more towards cats. They’re low maintenance, not as needy as dogs, and I really admire their independence. Cats basically put up with us. We get their love on their terms and their terms only.

Q: Do you think you’d qualify as a ‘Crazy’ Cat Lady?

A: A bit. Crazy for Cats. I just prefer cats to people and I guess that can come off as crazy. Also my enthusiasm for cats is not that of just a typical feline lover. It almost borders on worship. So yes, that sounds crazy. But not dangerous crazy. I mean when’s the last time a Cat Lady went out and committed a series of cat inspired killings?

Q: Ummm. Ok. No I have not heard of feline induced violence. Moving on, what defines one as a cat lady?

A: Well for me, I obviously own cats – Only 2 but if I had a bigger place I could see myself with as many as 8 to 12. I wear clothing depicting cats – Cats in Space, Cats DJ’ing, Cats with Glasses, Cats with mustaches; I’m actually very fortunate that cat fashion is so in right now—I can kind of blend in with the others. I have cat figurines, toys, themed housewares, etc. I also have cat tattoos. Besides that I do live alone and have lengthy conversations with my cats so that probably definitely qualifies me. Usually women involved in rescues or adoptions are also potential Cat Ladies. Oh! And if you’re crafty, your crafts usually consist of cat fabric or imagery – Cat needlepoint, Cat pillowcases, Cat Stamps or Iron Ons. These all pertain to me as well.

Q: You mention housewares – What are some of your favorite cat products?

A: I love my cat themed kitchen gadgets –


Cat Paw Bottle Opener


Catula Cat Spatula
In other parts of my house you’ll find:


Catwalk Picture Hanger

And some unique scratching posts:


Cat Deck Dj

Although my cats REFUSED to be dressed, they will put up with the Reversible Bow Tie:

Suck UK Pet Bow Tie

I’m also a HUGE fan of Homemade Catnip Toys that look like food. You can get some really interesting ones on etsy. My kids LOVE those.

catnip toys

Q: Your kids…?

A: But of course. I call them my fur babies. There’s Mr. Peek (Mr.P.erfectK.itty) and NTron3k (Newtron3000). I think they’re preferable to children, at least to me – They’re cheaper, they can’t complain, and I’m not responsible for crimes they commit.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom or crazy rants you would like to share before we conclude?

A: YES! I think the feline personality is something we can all learn from:

1. Look out for #1! Although it may sound self centered, sometimes you’re all you’ve got.
2. Exit gracefully – Cats are known to leave the home before they pass away; I find that very considerate.
3. Always wear your tiara – Even when you’re clumsy or frightened, remember that you are royalty.
4. Don’t forget, when you die, your cats will probably eat you. How efficient!

And there you have it. Obsessed? Definitely. Crazy? Probably. Lover of Felines? You betcha. Oh, and probably non violent. If you have have any questions you’ve always wanted to ask a cat lady – go for it; it’d prolly do this cat lady some good to have interaction with someone other than NTron3k.

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3 comments on “Our Exclusive Interview With A Crazy Cat Lady for National Cat Day!

  1. GRR
    October 29, 2013

    Do you prefer male kitties over female and where
    Can we get the cute products in your blog


    • sharoanypony79
      October 29, 2013

      I prefer male definitely. They’re bigger lovers. And simply click on the picture and you should be lead to the site for each product. I definitely recommend the DJ Cat Deck – My cats LOVE corrugated cardboard and def. prefer that to regular scratching posts 🙂


  2. sharoanypony79
    December 6, 2013

    Oh and I think it is important to mention Therapy Cats:


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