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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Crap, did you forget about that upcoming Halloween party? Maybe you spent too much time trying to come up with something clever, and now you’re thinking of just settling on that headband thing with arrows? C’mon. We can do better than that! You’d be surprised with what you can come up with with something as simple as a mask or single piece of clothing and a clever title for yourself. Never fear, for we are here to save your hides ONCE again (MAN, you owe us) with a few simple and quick Halloween costume ideas that require very little to buy and very little to prep!

1. Construction “Worker”

Everyone loves a good twist on an old favorite, and those guys who work laboriously in the heat and noise deserve another joke at their expense! Team up a Beer Belt with a Drinking Hard Hat and a pair of old jeans and a flannel or white t-shirt, and you’re good to go “to work”– at least go to work on that beer. Or six.

Beer Belt

Drink Hat

Construction Worker

I think he NEEDS a beer belt.

2. Classy Guy/Gal

Sometimes, Halloween costumes are used as an excuse to get raunchy– you know, dress with, well, something that can barely be considered a dress, or wearing something where others will be embarrassed for you. Dodge that bullet with a Smoking Jacket. Pipe or cigar is optional, or you can pair it up with a mask and call yourself a… uh… something. You’re on your own there. Scroll down to number 4 for more mask options!

Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket with Mask

Smoking Jacket

Christopher Walken approved!

3. The “Crapper”

Some Halloween costumes can get away with being slightly offensive; after all, Halloween is all about fantasy, exploitation, and treading that line of decency with as much sloppiness as you can stand. This is one we call The “Crapper” (though something catchier or less repugnant would do, too). Grab a Pigeon Mask, toss on a gray shirt, and carry around a cup of washable white paint and flick it onto unsuspecting passersby.

Pigeon Mask

Washable White Paint

Don’t forget to remind people the paint is washable or you’ll end up using that mask to cover a black eye!

4. Creepy Animal Masks

Masks: they’re the things that make villains in horror movies memorable. But for you, a hockey mask or that Scream mask is just so clichéd. Grab one of those masks that have been popularized over the past year: a Horse Head Mask, the Pigeon Mask from above, a Pig Mask, a Squirrel Mask, a Unicorn Mask, or even a whole Turkey Mask. Pretty much anything you pair it with completes an outfit!

Horse Head MaskPig MaskSquirrel Mask

Unicorn Mask

Turkey Mask

5. Emergency Costume Kits

If you want to cheat just a little… okay, a lot, grab an Emergency Outfit kit or a Spooky Emergency Outfit kit and choose from one of the five included Halloween costume ideas. The Emergency Outfit kit includes FIVE outfits to choose from: a cowboy, Pocahontas, a hula girl, a superhero, and a pirate. The Spooky Emergency Outfit kit also includes five costumes: a witch, vampire, werewolf, zombie, or skeleton. Each one is disposable, so feel free to change costumes throughout the night and make the most of your box!

Emergency Outfits

Emergency Outfit Kit

Spooky Emergency Outfits

Spooky Emergency Outfit kit

Outfit KitsHere’s a few of our favorite last minute Halloween costumes to get those creative juices flowing while keeping your wallet happy!

Nudist On Strike

Nudist On Strike

Sheet Ghost

Sheet Ghost

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Fifty Shades of Gray

Fifty Shades of Gray

God's Gift to Women

God’s Gift to Women

Just because you’ve procrastinated or simply ran out of time doesn’t mean you can’t be fun, witty, or creative! If you’ve got more costume ideas, we’d love to hear about them!

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One comment on “Last Minute Halloween Costumes

  1. sharoanypony79
    February 28, 2014

    50 shades of grey is the best!


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