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Halloween Party 101: Five Essentials for a Scary Haunted House Party

So you want to throw a Halloween party but don’t know where to start? Are the only party activities you can think of involve bobbing for apples or having a costume contest? Those are all fun and what not, but what differentiates a Halloween party from any other kind of party is the atmosphere. Think about scary movies: it’s not just what you see, but also about what you don’t see and what you hear. Creating a dark, mysterious, perhaps scary place for a Halloween party is more than just pinning a few glitter skeletons on the wall and throwing those awful spider webs wherever they seem to fit. To really spookify a space, here’s a few party items that would transform a cozy home into something fit for the Munsters!

1. Fog Machines

Scary Fog

Imagine a rolling fog as guests arrive at your decorated party, hiding what frightening debachery might be occuring inside. Fog machines are an excellent tool for a Halloween party: they’re easy to set up, easy to use, and for the most part, they can be used outdoors and indoors as well. Plus, there’s that chill that fog machines send out like a roll call for goosebumps. If you’re fuzzy yourself about using them, check out this website that is Fog Machine 101. Then get inspired by some creative uses with a fog machine at a Halloween party:

Fog Jack-o-lantern

Foggy Cauldron

Foggy Jack-o-lantern

Foggy Drinks

So what if we cheated just a little with this dry ice concoction!

2. Plasma Globe

Plasma Globe

For an evil-scientist vibe, there’s no other way to go than a plasma globe. The vibrant light streaks from this Tesla ball attract attention like your Dr. Frankenstein impression, but in a good way. When added to a fog-filled room, the plasma ball shines an eerie purple and pink; consider using it as a centerpiece for your fog-spilling cocktails and drinks!

3. Strobe Lights and Black Lights

Strobe Light

Black Light

Another staple to any Halloween party, strobe lights distort and disorient while black lights highlight and haunt. The flickering of a strobe light makes movement stand still, yielding many perfect moments for your friend who’s dressed like a werewolf to come out from behind your guests. A black light, on the other hand, gives things a glow that accentuate what would otherwise be forgettable. Try using a strobe light inside of a plastic skull so the eyes and mouth glow like an evitable explosion, or aim it at the fog from your fog machine for an eerie, shape-changing effect. The effects of a black light can be magnified with a clever use of glow-in-the-dark paint: spray the spray paint on skulls, bats, spiders, or other Halloween decorations: Glow in the Dark

Glowing Web

Glowing Pumpkin

Glowing Skull

Or try painting some scary phrases (think “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”) on the walls that will only be seen after you turn the black light on.

4. Blinking Eyes

Blinking Eyes

Best used in complete darkness, blinking eyes work well with all the Halloween party essentials mentioned here. Use animated blinking eyes with suction cups to give yourself more options for placement. Try using blinking eyes with the glow-in-the-dark paint just mentioned and place inside of a skull for a decoration that really is kind of creepy:

Glowing Blinking Eyes

5. Spooky Music

No, we’re not talking about Celine Dion. Scary Halloween music is a must and rounds out all the Halloween decorations listed. Whether you choose scary sounds, movie score, or, well, Celine Dion, background noise like those from the free website justify a scary space before everyone gets their Halloween party on. And yes, we think “The Monster Mash” might qualify as kind of scary, too.

Let the guests worry about the costumes; you worry about throwing a Halloween party that’s filled with memories of frightening details of darkness, sounds, blinking lights and eyes, and glowing! Did we miss something? Tell us about your favorite Halloween party essentials!

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