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Blood, Brains, and Body Parts: Throwing a Zombie Halloween Party

Zombie Party

The zombie apocalypse is here– well, sort of: the time is ripe for planning a zombie-inspired Halloween party! Zombies are kind of a big deal right now (if you haven’t noticed), and all the gore of tearing off limbs, munching on forearms, and using no napkins in the process reminds us of shamelessly stuffing your face at a party. But instead of serving up eyeball soup, we’ll serve up candied eyeballs! Instead of brains, we’ll serve up, uh… stuff that looks like brains! Instead of fingers, we’ll serve finger sandwiches! It’s time to gather your own personal army together, prepare your sawed-off shotgun and Molotov cocktails, design the finest catchphrase you can, and… party it up with the living dead! What, did you think we’d kill them off? Haven’t you seen Thriller? Let’s put all the human-eating stigma aside for a few hours and do something we can all enjoy.

1. Blood

So zombies are messy eaters, or at least that’s what we’re told. Rather than give every zombie-partygoer a lobster bib (though that’d be awesome, too), we suggest cherishing the liquid ruby goo and replicating a classic splatter situation. Use butcher paper or a plastic drop cloth to hang around a room and our recipe for fake blood to make bloody, desperate handprints throughout. Don’t forget about the snack table, too!

Bloody Zombie PartyNow, everyone knows that becoming a zombie is somehow related to blood, much like in 28 Days Later or Night of the Living Dead. Give your patrons a little protection for whatever hell might break loose with face masks! Grab a pack at your local hardware store and make sure everyone’s got one before entering the quarantined area!

Quarantine Decoration

Let’s say you don’t really care about the safety of your guests. Serve them a big bowl of blood!– punch, that is, as featured in our article on bloody Halloween items. Toss in a few eyeballs and reassure everyone that yes, that blood is completely infected with the virus, or bacteria, or amoeba, or whatever causes zombie-ism.

Bloody Punch

Bloody Punch

2. Brains

The brain: the one thing that zombies crave and yet will die (once again) if their own is destroyed. Much like chocolate to a fat kid, they just can’t resist its richness. Smarts are not necessary, however, to make some edible pseudo-brains for everyone! (Yes, even the vegans and the PC crowd.)

Everyone– living or dead– has a sweet tooth, so exploit that with Nomskulls Cupcake Molds, silicone baking molds that only require the “contents” of a skull to be added, muhaha.

NomskullsOr you feast on brains with a little more etiquette, we guess, with brain-filled cake jars! It’s easy to achieve that grayish blegh-inducing color with a little food coloring, and cake and raspberry jam make it all a tasty party dessert with enough sugar to raise the dead– or at least your chances of hypertension.

Brains in a Jar

Even cocktails and drinks are a chance to have some brains! Brain Freeze Ice Cubes help zombify drinks suitable for everyone with an ice tray that yields brain-shaped cubes. Or, for the real zombie hunter, serve up Brain Freeze Ice Cubes with an actual Zombie, a cocktail concocted from three kinds of rum (including Bacardi 151), brandy, and orange and lime juice.

Brain Freeze Ice Cubes


3. Body Parts

Once zombies have tasted immaculate human flesh, it’s time for a flesh feast on the rest of the body! Zombies are an indiscriminate bunch, but unfortunately, your human guests aren’t. Here’s a few limb-inspired decorations and snacks to get their attention away from eating other partygoers.

Finger Candles help celebrate cannibalism on Halloween. Stick the birthday candles into the cake of the unlucky person born on this bad luck holiday, or just to see which zombie actually eats the wax birthday candle. And yes, Finger Candles are completely hygienic.

Finger Candles

Balance that meaty human entrée with some salad. Make a pair of hand salad tongs with regular salad tongs, fake hands, and a glue gun. Don’t forget to offer raspberry vinaigrette, maggot-like crunchy Chinese noodles, and roughly chopped fleshy tomatoes!

Hand Salad Tongs

Finish it off with everyone’s favorite body part, the eyes! Squishy zombie eyeballs remind us that no body part is to be wasted. The eyes are too often neglected in zombie cuisine, many rather opting for traditional foods like brains served rare. Instead, white chocolate almond bark and a Maraschino cherry make a delightful eyeball cuisine, topped off with a colorful food coloring iris and black gel cake frosting pupil.

Zombie Eyeballs

So what if there’s irony between “protecting” guests with face masks and yet serving up eyeballs for snacks! And so what if it’s completely insane to embrace a zombie’d party guest instead of whacking what living snot is left in him! Just for one night, Halloween night only, let’s put the fear and zombie killing aside in favor of sharing some bloody punch and a killer brain cupcake for a zombie Halloween party!


Brains optional.

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