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A Bloody Mess: Top 10 Bloody Halloween Decorations

It’s the one thing that makes people squeamish, the thing that instantly makes something scary, and quite possibly the one thing that bridges the gap between the fantasy of Halloween and the chilling reality of our crazy world: blood! Bloody Halloween decorations can really amp up the terror factor of any Halloween party while leaving costumed guests feeling awkward and perhaps a little gross. If a bloody Halloween is what you’re after, then a Bloody Halloween you shall receive with our top ten bloody Halloween decorations!

1. Blood Bath Shower Mat

Blood Bath Shower Mat

As featured in our compelling storytelling blog featuring Spinning Hat products, the Blood Bath Shower Mat appears to be evidence of a murderous intruder, or maybe a careless cake frosting maker. Throw this cotton bath mat in the washer, and the blood stains will never disappear! Which is a good thing, in this case.

2. Splash Spoon Rest

Splash Spoon Rest

Okay, we’re cheating just a little bit, since this Splash Spoon Rest is intended to look more like spilled tomato sauce or something. But the spoon rest can really be a little spookier than that. Try it as a jewelry tray or a holder for smaller Halloween decorations like plastic severed fingers or even Halloween candy falling into a pool of blood.

3. Blood Puddle Pillows

Blood Pillow

Try your Halloween craftiness at a Blood Puddle Pillow. This DIY pillow is both disturbing and comfortable at the same time, covered with luxurious velvet filled with the stuffing of your choice. The more organic the spill looks, the better!

4. Bloody Halloween Candle

Bloody Candles

Candles can remind us of entering a vampire’s castle or a power outage. But since it’s Halloween, we’ll go with Bloody Halloween candles. These bloodied pillar candles look store-bought or at least very time-consuming to make; actually, there’s only one two steps! Buy the candles, pour melted red wax over the other. Done.

5. Splash Chopping Board

Splash Chopping Board

Match the above spoon rest with this Splash Chopping Board. This cutting board made a huge splash (ha ha ha) when it was introduced just a few months ago, with numerous inquiries creating a huge hype for it. The “spill” on the edge of the kitchen tool actually detaches to make storing easy. Try using it as a serving platter or appetizer plate for Halloween party snacks!

6. Bloody Choker

Bloody Choker

If you’re looking for an easy bloody decoration, why not adorn one on yourself? A Bloody Choker looks terrifyingly real, appearing like thickened blood when it’s just the rubber material. See how many children avoid taking candy from you while you’re wearing this bloody mess!

7. Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Mmm, cherry-scented! Blood Bath Shower Gel makes you look like such a blood-loving maniac, you even bathe in the stuff! Now whether you leave it splattered all over the drain Psycho-style is up to you.

8. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

NO, not that scary thing you do with a mirror, we’re talking about the refreshing drink. Drinking a Bloody Mary on Halloween might be the closest you get to being a human drinking blood, but without that base-y taste that makes it way unpalatable. Instead, tomato, vodka, and some salt and pepper create that quintessential drink. The splash of Worchestershire sauce and two types of hot sauces in this drink recipe gives it that zing that’s perfect for nighttime.

9. Bloody Punch

Bloody Punch

Alright, we know that the designated drivers need something to drink, too, so serve up some Bloody Punch as an alternative to soda or water. A sinfully sweet mix of apple, grape, and cranberry juice with a carbonated kick from cola create a ruby red concoction we think could fool Dracula himself. Try a variety of additions to the party punch, like plastic fangs, fake eyeballs, or even skull-shaped ice cubes.

10. Fake Blood

Fake Blood

If you’re ready to try your hand at making your own bloody Halloween decorations, then mix up a batch of fake blood. I can recall from my days working as a PA at a small horror movie company using a simple recipe of corn syrup and red food coloring. Adding corn starch and other food colorings like blue, as suggested by this fake blood recipe, help to achieve that realistic, coagulated look.

Whether you’re hosting a zombie party, a costume contest, or a monster mash, bloody Halloween decorations can really impress guests and partygoers– or keep them from coming back to your Halloween parties. Which do you love? Which just freaks you out?? Tell us about your bloody Halloween decoration ideas!

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3 comments on “A Bloody Mess: Top 10 Bloody Halloween Decorations

  1. Patricia
    October 10, 2013

    I want one of those spoon rests!!!


  2. sharoanypony79
    October 11, 2013

    I think the bathroom is the scariest room at a Halloween party – or in general! You’re so defenseless. Especially with your pants down! Lol!


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