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Blackboard is the New Black: Chalkboard-Inspired Items and DIY Projects


The chalkboard: is there anything more reminiscent of school days, you know, standing at an overwhelmingly large blank blackboard followed by a sudden fear of public humility? At least that’s what I think of. But now that we’re all older, chalkboards no longer induce palpitations or memories of spit wads; in fact, chalkboards are downright on the out-and-out in schools in favor of dry erase boards. Instead, chalkboards and chalkboard surfaces are relishing in an enlivened existence around the home, finding new purpose in home offices, DIY projects,  and even chalkboard paint! Today, we present our favorite new chalkboard-covered anything, pieces with writable surfaces intended for all things fun (read: non-school-related), crafty, and creative!!

1. Blackboard Piggy Bank

Blackboard Piggy Bank

Bring home the bacon just to store it in bacon, so to speak, with a Blackboard Piggy Bank.  Keep a constant reminder of why you’re scavenging for change. What will your goal be? More bacon? Mmm, bacon.

2. Chalkboard Teapot Wall Clock

Chalkboard Teapot Clock

So it’s teatime all the time? A Chalkboard Teapot Wall Clock reminds us that wall clocks need not be all serious, just because they’re reminding you that you’re running late again. In fact, you might even consider leaving yourself a fun message on the chalkboard clock. Maybe reminding yourself that some morning tea or tea blend would better your mood (and your health!).

3. Write on the Wall Chalkboard Squares

Write on the Wall

Because when the imagination fails, you can’t go wrong with a square! Use all four Write on the Wall Chalkboard Squares to create a space of visual cues. Try one square per category (groceries, errands, etc.), use them as conversation starters (one square per message), or try getting creative with the placement of each chalkboard piece. Each chalkboard tile can even be cut to any shape!

4. Chalk Vase

Chalk Vase

Even flower vases become redefined with a Chalk Vase! Unlike the typical shape of a flower vase that you’d expect, a blackboard surface covers this square bottle, giving you freedom to leave love notes along with a few beautiful blooms or respond to said love notes with a few beautiful words. (We’re cheesing ourselves out here.)

Inking for some more blackboard swag? Try some of these DIY chalkboard ideas:

Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

Chalkboard Menu Board

Chalkboard Banner

Chalkboard Ornaments

Chalkboard Dipped Glasses

Chalkboard Painted Pots

Which one’s your favorite? Would you feel relieved at the decreased chances of drinking out of someone else’s wine glass? Or does a DIY chalkboard banner give you more motivation when you cheer yourself on? Give us more ideas for chalkboard paint and DIY chalkboard craft ideas and why you love them!

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3 comments on “Blackboard is the New Black: Chalkboard-Inspired Items and DIY Projects

  1. sharoanypony79
    October 1, 2013

    Did you find anything about the limitations of chalkboard paint? I’d like to do 1 wall in it but I don’t want to if there’s paint stripping involved or if it’s hard to clean etc. Any advice is appreciated!


  2. Patricia
    October 2, 2013

    I have always wanted to chalk board my pantry doors, but I cant find the time. 😦


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