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Analog 101: Our Favorite Lomography Cameras and How to Use Them

With the rise of Instagram and other photo apps, photography has struck a new chord with a younger generation and even helped spark a new interest in analog photography. When was the last time you heard anyone say analog? Simply put, “analog” refers to any type of non-digital photography (though that definition in itself is hotly debated) and uses those almost-ancient film cartridges to capture images. Though perhaps not as convenient as the idiot-proof point-and-shoot camera, analog cameras have a flexibility to them that let users try different methods with their photos, whether it be with multi-image, saturation, or vignettes. Today, we take a glimpse at some of our favorite analog cameras from the ones who’ve revived analog photography, Lomography!

1. The Diana F+ with Flash

Diana F+

Diana F+ Sample

Diana F+ Sample

The one, the only, the Diana F+! You may recognize this analog camera from our blog for National Photography Month where we gushed about it. And now we’re gonna do it again: this 120 film camera has a number of features that give would-be photographers a huge range of options to create visually beautiful and interesting pictures. The medium format camera has a panoramic option, a detachable lens to make it a pinhole camera, options for exposure time, multiple exposures, and a variety of gel filters to get a light hue like in the sample above.

2. The La Sardina in Domino

La Sardina Domino

La Sardina Sample

La Sardina Photo Sample

Another one of our faves from Lomography, the La Sardina is a 35mm camera that’s named for its can shape and also gives new life to what would be just a regular photo. Its manual shutter speed allows a user to also use multiple exposures and long exposure shots. AND the La Sardina features a wide angle lens of 89 deegrees (as emphasized in the sample here)!

3. The Action Sampler in Chrome

Action Sampler Chrome

Action Sampler Samples

Action Sampler Photo Samples

The Chrome Action Sampler uses multiple images on the same shot to really capture the movement of the moment and create a story for an observer. Every photo with this 35mm camera uses four lenses to take four photos with just one press of the shutter. Better yet, it doesn’t require any fancy processing or film: any film processing center and any type of 35mm film will work!

So how do you get the most out of your Lomography analog camera? Here’s a few helpful tips from Photo Tuts+ that helps to demonstrate the passion for photography that the Lomographic Society endorses:

  • Take your analog camera with you everywhere: Something interesting can happen at any time and any place.
  • Shoot at any time of day: Just because your analog camera doesn’t have flash or a long exposure setting doesn’t mean you won’t catch anything.
  • Don’t worry about what you’ve gotten: The thing with analog cameras is the inherent delayed gratification. You can’t see what you’ve taken photos of until after it’s developed– but that’s also the best part.
  • Don’t overthink it: You see it a lot with Instagram photos, but analog photography doesn’t need to be too thought-out or contrived to be beautiful.
  • Have a quick hand: In the same vein as the previous, spontaneity is the analog camera’s BFF, and capturing a split second of a longer moment might be all that’s needed for an interesting and telling photo.

It’s important to remember that analog photography need not be about rules and technical details and what-have-you. Analog is all about bringing photography back down to basics and appreciating what can be done with a simplicity only available without high technology. There’s something to be said, too, when you do it yourself as opposed to using a photo app or program to perfect a photo. Analog photography is about finding the beauty in imperfection and seeing the nuances of the world from different photos. You don’t need a fancy expensive camera to achieve great photos; a simple-to-use Lomography camera is all one needs to make the mundane really awesome:

amazing lomography photos

Lomography Sample

lomography samples

lomography samples

 lomography samples

Lomography Sample

lomography samples

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4 comments on “Analog 101: Our Favorite Lomography Cameras and How to Use Them

  1. Patricia
    September 26, 2013

    I love the way both Diana F+ and La Sardina’s effects are. The pictures look amazing !!!


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  3. kevin
    September 27, 2013

    Fancy products!


  4. sharoanypony79
    October 1, 2013



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