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The Return of Oktoberfest!

Yay Oktoberfest

It’s here, it’s here, it’s HERE! Oktoberfest has returned once again, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to get drunk! Not that we needed an excuse, but being able to celebrate the German holiday means we get to dust off our beer steins, throw on our lederhosen or dirndl, and gather ’round a family-style table for a beer fest with our closest. Alas, not all of us– in fact, NONE of us– can fork out enough money to travel down to Germany RIGHT now for the festivities that occur. Instead, we’ve devised a simple plan to get our own Oktoberfest going, complete with an Oompah band. (Well, sort of.) Join us as we put together a few essentials for an Oktoberfest celebration by first filling our hands, then dressing our bodies, mastering (trying to master, more like) the coordinated effort challenged only by a growing inebriation, Bavarian dance, and trying our hand at a few German phrases perfect for Oktoberfest!

Steinkrug and Other Drinking Vessels

Ah, the stein, a staple to any decent homage to Oktoberfest. No red plastic cups for a tradition that’s over two centuries old! It’s time to drink from a decorated beer stein, glass beer boot, or dimpled beer mug!


Official Oktoberfest SteinBeer Boot

Dimpled Beer Mug

Choose from a vast array of designs from German Steins. Deer, beer wagons, architecture, Clydesdales, you name it, the beer steins range from the fairly straightforward official Oktoberfest mug (second photo above) to the very ornate (first photo). If you’re hoping to spend more on high quality craft beer rather than the stein from which you quench your thirst, Truebeer has a huge selection of beer glasses in singles or sets and start at a wallet-friendly eight bucks. And yes, there’s even room for the travel-friendly Port a Pint, a collapsible drinking glass that fits into a pocket or purse with ease– you know, for those who don’t want to carry a one-liter glass from one Oktoberfest celebration to the next. As the Germans say, “Besser ein Rausch als ein Fieber!

Port A Pint

Oktoberfest Clothing and Sayings

What, did you plan on wearing your Beer Captain shirt? Please. You disappoint us.

Oktoberfest Attire

Click on the picture to get the names of all the numbered items!

Men and women alike dress up for Oktoberfest in traditional German gear. Men usually don an Alpine hat with a woven shirt, leather shorts, and leather boots, oh, and a beer, like in this Oktoberfest photo:

Mens OktoberfestAnd women usually wear a Dirndl blouse (décolletage varies) with a corset or bodice and a Dirndl dress with an apron. Oh, and a beer as well:

Womens Oktoberfest

Check out more pictures of and info on Oktoberfest clothing here and here. And while you’re out, brush up on your German with some phrases here and here that are suitable for Oktoberfest, like “Bedenke beim Zechen, Nachher das blechen!” (“Think when you drink, afterwards you have to pay for it!”)

Bavarian Dance

Traditional Bavarian Dance

After a few liters of beer and admiring the suspenders of your neighbor, it’s time to engage in a little friendly dance– Bavarian dance, the only kind suitable for the German festival. Test your hand and foot coordination with a lot of hopping, slapping, foot lifting, and other actions that are bound to get a few laughs when someone hits the ground. Which is inevitable, really. Check it out!

We have not nearly covered all that happens in Munich for the beer festival, but we can certainly imagine all the camaraderie and friendly laughs that accompany the flowing of excellent beer. Though we might never travel out to Germany for Oktoberfest, we celebrate in spirit and in the comfort of our homes and in the good company of familiar faces, eating our cheeseburgers and Doritos Locos tacos. And to that we raise our beer boots or Port a Pints and say, “Auf Freundes wohl!”, perhaps better understood as “To the good health of friends!” Happy Oktoberfest, everyone!

Oktoberfest 2012

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  1. sharoanypony79
    October 1, 2013

    Chicken Dance!


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