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Yarrrr Total Guide for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy there, readers! If ye stumble upon these words by accident, then avast! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, known to lubbers as September 19. Why a need for such a weird holiday, ye ask? Especially as an international holiday?? Because ye needs to abandon ship– the work ship, that is– and come aboard the fun! In other words, thar be no real reason to have this holiday, except that it brings a smile to other sea-weathered faces. Whether ye be a buccaneer or a beauty, let’s get ye started with some pirate talkin’ and a good ol’ pirate plunder (AKA parrrrrty)!

Ye Olde Pirate Talk

So ye wish to master the language of the pirate? Aye, ye come to the right place! Here’s a few basics to get ye unworthy bilge rats started:

  • Add a rolling “rrrrr” where appropriate: “Arrrrre you sharing that grog of rum, ye lad?”
  • “You” becomes “ye”
  • “Your” becomes “yer”
  • “I” becomes “me”
  • Use LOTS of apostrophes: “Thar be some lootin’ and shootin’!”
  • Make nautical references where appropriate: “It’s time to weigh ye anchor,” where “weigh anchor” means for a ship to leave port

‘Tis certainly not a science, and thar not be very complicated. If ye thirst for more pirate lingo, check out the Pirate’s Glossary of Terms! That’s where we got ourrrrr metaphorical sea legs. If thar be too much trouble lookin’ for the proper words, try a translator like this one. Thar also be a pirate glossary for yer iPhone. Yarrr. Then try yer scurvy hand at figurin’ out some of these pirate-coded sentences. How many can ye figure out?

  • If ye hang the jib over a spilt grog, ye needs a rope’s end.
  • Show a leg! Yer loaded to the gunwalls!
  • Ahoy! Let us heave to this work and go splice the main brace.

Ye Olde Pirate Parrrrrty

So ye can talk the talk, but can ye walk the walk? We be talkin’ ’bout throwin’ a pirate parrrty fer all yer fellow buckos. And if ye be a real pirate, ye be sure that we must start with some fine grog. Grog be more than just Nelson’s folly (that’s rum) and water. Aye, ’tis indeed more tasty: sugar, lemon or lime juice, and cinammon will bring a merry grog blossom to ye face:


If ye be usin’ a nipperkin like in this picture, ye not be ready for piracy! Aye, a black jack like the Skull Stein be ready for a clap of thunder. But if thar be a need for ice, try some Bone Chillers to bring a chill like Davy Jones’ locker to yer drinks. Then eat, drink, and be merry, me hearties!



Wait, we forgot about food. All that plunderin’ and pillagin’ works up an appetite, aye? No man be brave enough to pass up Pirate Face Cookies.

Pirate Cookies

Handsome devils, aren’t they? If ye be lookin’ for more seaworthy snacks, make a smart batch of Fish ‘n’ Chips– the easy kind! Pair ’em with pirate booty like “cannon balls” and “sea pearls” and a bag of pirate loot– you know, show yer mateys ye care about ’em. And ye be no proper pirate with paying some homage to our fallen matey, Captain Hook, by making yer own pirate hook:

Fish 'n' Chips

Yarrr, paint the bottom half with a wavy blue pattern so they be lookin’ like they be swimmin’.

Pirate Treasure

Pirate Gift Bags

Use chocolate gold coins as “Pirate Loot”

Pirate Hook

Ye Olde Pirate Threads

And what shall ye wear on Talk Like a Pirate Day? What, those landlubber clothes? To the plank, with ye! Well, it isn’t Dress Like a Pirate Day, but on this ship, we be not cheatin’ a day for full pirate swag! At least try yer scurvy hand at an eye patch and a handkerchief around yer head. Or try our favorite, a cute lil’ Pirate Hat in fun-loving colors– uh, we mean, arrrr! Swag for the scallywags! Then ye be lookin’ for something, well, more pirate-y on Dress Like a Pirate, including clothes for wenches and buccaneers alike:Pirate Hats














Avast! We forgot what yer sea name should be. Enter yer name into the Pirate Name Generator and see what the gods bestow upon ye. Me name is “Chocolate” Beatrice Straw… Not a pretty name for a wench like meself, but ’tis will do! In the meantime, celebrate with yer mateys and even the rapscallions with spirits, snacks, and swag for Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yarrr!

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5 comments on “Yarrrr Total Guide for Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. the Herbivores
    September 19, 2013

    ahoy o’er tharrrr…me thinks ye’rrrr post be parrrfect. yo ho yo ho a pirrrate’s life fir meee.


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  3. kevin
    September 20, 2013

    well educated, haha!


  4. sharoanypony79
    October 1, 2013

    eh. Im a ninja kinda girl. Good Article though 🙂


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