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“The Future is Now!” Fun Futuristic Items We Love

Back to the Future 2

THIS is what the future looks like??

Imagine the days of your youth when the future seemed so far away. Recall, if you will (or can), a little Nintendo game called Street Fighter 2010. When it came out, 2010 seemed so distant, so far, so… futuristic. Now, it’s 2013, and we’re still not battling weird shrimp-looking creatures or transporting through blue warp holes. Think of Back to the Future II, which takes place in 2015. While that might be still two years away, the prevalence of hoverboards and flying vehicles just doesn’t seem likely. Instead, we today focus our attention on things today that look like they’re from the future!

1. Magic Gloves

Magic Gloves

Similar to what a raver Robocop might have worn, Magic Gloves are gloves that light up! They might not turn into laser guns or anything, but the fingertips of these cotton and Spandex gloves shoot light beams out with individual switches on each finger– something even Dr. Evil could appreciate about the future!

Dr. Evil

It’s like a ‘laser’ but not quite.

2. Foam “Water” Fountain

Foam FountainHow can something be both foam and water? Have we traveled so far technologically that we transcend the boundaries of physics and use it at our leisure? Or have we just figured out that foam pellets look way awesome in an indoor fountain instead of just as cushion for a package? (It’s the latter, but we can pretend, right?) The Foam Fountain uses foam with color-changing LED lights to display a light show that actually “dances” to any music you plug into it. Watch it as it defies the need for water to flow (psh, water fountains are soooo 2000’s)!

3. 36o-Degree Rotating Outlet Socket

Rotating Socket

Electricity was once a sign of the future coming, but now that we’re over it, we can celebrate with the 360-Degree Rotating Outlet Socket! Wall outlets are a thing of the past because this standing power strip houses up to six different plugs with pivoting outlets! Move the portable outlets in any direction all your futuristic gadgets see fit (and yes, they will all fit with this clever design)!


Yes, even Dynamo would have enough electrical sockets to power his suit.

4. Pouring Light Lamp

Pouring Light Lamp

As if to make fun of the days when water came from wells, the Pouring Light Lamp uses a bucket not for necessity but for decor. The modern lamp “pours” light out in a beautiful and seamless design, a light glow coming from either the stream or the bucket as if light itself can be so abundantly contained, spilling it is actually encouraged.

What about all those weird gadgets and inventions we thought would occupy the future until we realized how dumb they all were? has recounted some of our past’s failures in trying to bring the future to the present, including:

  • the Levitation Vehicle (a flying car with a price tag that flies waaay higher than it can fly)

    Jetsons Flying Car

    The flying car already happened, anyways… sort of.

  • Deodorant Underwear (we’re open to commentaries here)
  • the Walking TV (ditto for this)

We may not have raced for blood sport in 2000 like in Death Race 2000 (we were busy preparing for the Y2K collapse), but hey, what we’ve got far surpasses what we thought we’d have in reality. Cars that park themselves, phones that talk to us, real maps of EVERY city ANYWHERE in the world. The future really is now, and who knows what other futuristic items might befall us in the near and distant future…

Back to the Future 2

At least we have the 3D movies.

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One comment on ““The Future is Now!” Fun Futuristic Items We Love

  1. sharoanypony79
    September 17, 2013

    I so want Death Race to happen to me when Im older.


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