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Supporting Your Local Farmers Market

LA Farmers Market

With all the growing buzz around going green and eating well, it’s difficult not to consider visiting your local farmers market for a trip down Green Lane. Or wherever it happens to be. The farmers markets is an excellent place to stock up on veggies and luscious fruits and also get a large serving of inspiration and feeling good. The vibrant hues of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, the smells of fresh cut samples of melons and tomatoes and such, the excitement felt by other market-goers also shopping for freshness, not to mention the fresh air you’re getting from being outdoors in the first place. If you haven’t been or are just wondering what all the hubbub is about, here’s some more reasons to buy local by visting your local farmers market:

  • Probably the most popular reason to shop at the farmers market is the freshness: most veggies and fruits come straight from the farm, usually still with roots attached and maybe a bit of dirt. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!
  • VarietyUnlike supermarkets, farmers markets tend to carry a much larger variety of any particular fruit or veggie. Most of what you see in a market is chosen because it resists spoiling or bruising well during transport. With a much smaller trek, crops offered in farmers markets can be abundant in available types.
  • Think of the amount of transport involved in moving one crop from farm to market, all the gas used and fumes released. When you buy local, you cut out the middle man and save the world from noxious unnecessity. Hey, every little bit helps.
  • Farmers markets also tend to attract different types of merchants, from crafters to specialty desserts. Some even sell vegetable plants to encourage you to get your own small garden started! Try some new foods like crepes, homemade breads, or spiced nuts!
  • Probably a profound reason for visiting a farmers market is the connection with the community and the people behind the vegetable booths. When perusing the stands, you’re often greeted by those who’ve grown them, meaning you attach a face with what you’re buying. Seeing those who’ve labored for freshness to offer you gives you a sense of contentness for supporting their effort and business.

Don’t forget your reusable bags when visiting the farmers market, too! Try a handy Flip and Tumble 24-7 Bag, which folds easily into a ball when not in use. Toss one in your car so you won’t need to remember to bring one!

24-7 Bag

If you’re feeling a little cutesy, a Picnica Bag might satisfy your need. A nylon bunny holds a secret bag inside it, and when you need it, simply unzip and pull out the reusable nylon tote. The Picnica bunny stays attached like a keyring, ready for all the munchies you’re going to purchase:

Picnica Bunny Bag

PicklesThere’s also a huge amount of inspiration gained from shopping for proper greenies. Finding yourself amongst fresh veggies and fruits draws you to make that salad you’ve been replacing with a burger or to have crunchy carrots instead of crunchy chips. My favorite farmers markets inspiration? The vegetables available for pickling! Making pickled peppers, cauliflowers, or cucumblers for traditional pickles gives you the freedom to eat your veggies with a bit of a zesty kick– or a big punt of spice, if you want!

See? Farmers markets are good for the local economy and your health. Everyone wins! What’s your favorite vegetable or fruit?

Melon Man

We know what his is.

Sources: 10 Reasons to Support Farmers Markets, Farmers markets: A healthy way to buy local

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2 comments on “Supporting Your Local Farmers Market

  1. Patricia
    September 10, 2013

    I love going to farmers markets for produce. They are so much fresher and cheaper then the stores. I am very picky when it comes to buying fruits and veg’s from a market. I only shop two places for them the farmers markets or Sprouts. Thanks you the get tips!!


    • sharoanypony
      September 10, 2013

      Agree with Patricia…SOO much cheaper and in better quality that it’s kind of ridiculous. Even if I have to go a city or two over, I can always be found with my reusable bags wandering around in the street (at a farmers market…not as a hobo). Yet.


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