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Go Do Stuff on Fight Procrastination Day

Do It Later

How easy it is to avoid things like cleaning the bathroom with daydreams of that time you polished off a whole dozen donuts, or the sudden need to organize your shoe collection, or why no one talks the “gersebermps” talk anymore, or… Well, on September 6, those mindless distractions come to an abrupt end for Fight Procrastination Day. Yes, the time is long overdue to stop putting things off and just do them! Sure, it’s easy to accomplish a simple task, but when there’s a list of simple tasks just waiting, it can be easy to get discouraged or, let’s admit it, lazy. The key to stop procrastinating is to maintain motivation through a few steps of contemplation, change, and action!

  • Think about it: What’s your damage? No, really, what are you really avoiding? Chances are, it’s not the task itself, but some detail or factor involved in doing it.
  • In the wayMake it easy: When you’re in the right mindset to tackle chores and such, it’s more likely you’ll get to them without too much hesitation. Try to get yourself into an environment that would be as distraction-free as possible. That might include moving somewhere quiet to type up a report or just putting on headphones while you do it; every person has a different ideal environment.
  • Break it down: Whether it’s one task or a whole slew of little tasks, simplifying the steps toward completion into mini-goals will help you feel more accomplished and motivated. Even when the goals are little, every little bit counts!
  • Just do it!: It doesn’t matter how effectively or creatively you are able to resist doing something. The fact is, it will still be there until you complete it, so delaying the inevitable just increases your aversion to it. So just do it!
  • Just do it, really!: According to the “Two Minute Rule,” if something you’re putting off can actually be done in two minutes or less, then just do it. You might be surprised at what can be done in just two minutes.

If you’re the kind of person who needs reminders, try something like a No’ Pad Ceramic Pad, a reusable notepad with a dry erase marker that easily wipes away tasks that you’ve completed. If you’re on the go, a Secret Keyring will hold a note or to-do list in a metal keyring that unscrews to reveal a hidden note holder.

No' Pad

A No’ Pad keeps your daily tasks within sight without the use of wasteful small notepads.

Secret Keyring

A Secret Keyring is an easy method to store your task list without the possibility of losing it.

So what are you waiting for? Just remember: the more time you put towards avoiding something is time you can spend actually doing what you want to do, i.e., without regrets or guilt. We live in an age of immediate gratification, and procrastination goes hand in hand with this. But when you actually spend the time doing what needs to be done, you will find that your free time afterwards feels so much more worth it! It all starts with that first step, so on Fight Procrastination Day, stop procrastinating, go do stuff, and you might find that feeling like a go-getter actually suits you better!

Beat Procrastination

Sources: 10 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get $#?! Done, How to Stop Procrastinating Using the ‘Two Minute Rule’

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One comment on “Go Do Stuff on Fight Procrastination Day

  1. sharoanypony
    September 10, 2013

    List making does wonders for me. But I’m like that Seinfeld episode…I put stuff on the list I’ve already completed just so I can cross it off.


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