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Gummy Galore! 5 Gummy Bear Things That Make Us Go, Mmm!

Gummy Galore

This is my desktop background, seriously.

Gummy everything! Gummy bears! Gummy worms! Even gummy alcohol! We love candy, so it was easy for us to want to expose our readers to the surprising amount of gummy-inspired products. A gummy night light? It exists. A gummy chandelier? That exists, too. A gummy flask? Oh yea, that, too. So open wide and let’s bring on the gummy with five unique gifts that make us go, mmmm! (Or Mmmm? Or Hmmm…)

1. Gummylamp Night Light

Gummi Bear Nightlight

Feel like gummy bears just light your day? Well, now they can light up your night, too! Gummylamp Night Lights look like over-sized gummy candy, but are actually small night lights. Squeeze the belly of these delightful creatures and out pours a soft light better than any Care Bear could produce!

2. Gummy Bear Chandelier


Gummy Bear Chandelier

So, if one gummy bear can produce a soft night light for you, what could a thousand do? They can light up a whole room! Even if the Gummy Bear Chandelier doesn’t suit your tastes (ha ha ha), the impact it has on anyone whose eye it catches (it’s hard to ignore) will undoubtedly be perplexed, amazed, and perhaps hungry!

3. World’s Largest Gummy Bear

World's largest gummy bear

Giant gummy bear

Say what? The World’s Largest Gummy Bear stands just over nine inches tall and weighs in at FIVE POUNDS. Five pounds of delicious bear-shaped jelly and sugar– 6,000+ calories of it, in fact. How could this get any better, you ask? Choose from flavors like Cherry Cola, Astro (cherry, lemon, and apple), and Green Apple. Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

Wonka Meme

4. Jelly Bear Mold

Jelly Bear Mould

Is 6,000 calories a bit much to handle? We understand that, which is why we’d also recommend a Jelly Bear Mold. Add some Jello (sugar-free, if you’re modest) and out pops that cute familiar bear. Plus, all the jiggly goodness makes it more fun to eat than just popping a small candy in your mouth.

5. Boozie Bear Flask

Boozie Bear FlaskMaybe candy just won’t do it today; you need a drink! Well, just amuse us with a Boozie Bear Flask, shaped like a gummy bear but certainly not filled with gummy-ness. Looks like a cute plastic water bottle, too, so you don’t look like a drunkie! Let it inspire you to try Rummy Gummy Bears, gummy bear-infused alcohol. Each gummy candy in the drink recipe absorbs the liquor while keeping its sweet taste!

Rum Gummy Bears



Warm and SoftProbably the best thing about gummy bears is that, even when we’re old and our teeth have all rotted away slowly with eating candy, we can still use our nubby gums to enjoy that sweet, never-disintegrating, bear-shaped candy. Even if from someone’s pocket, gummy candy is the perfect substitute when you crave something super-sugary but it’s not chocolate you’re after. These unusual five gummy bear-inspired items will haunt us in our sleep because we dream about gummies galore and how sweet life is thanks to candy!

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6 comments on “Gummy Galore! 5 Gummy Bear Things That Make Us Go, Mmm!

  1. patricia
    August 27, 2013

    I loved eating gummy bears as a kid. I use to cut the heads off and replace with a different color body. Weird Huh! I still eat them tell this day , but not the same way.


    • Super Sasha
      August 28, 2013

      That is bizarre, but I love it! I used to lick the back of one and stick it to another so I’d have a double-sized gummy bear. Why I didn’t just eat two at a time, I don’t know.


      • Patricia
        August 28, 2013

        lol..I guess we both wanted two favors at the same time.


      • Anonymous
        August 4, 2014

        Lol I know right


  2. Sharon
    September 5, 2013

    you guys are sick 😉


  3. Anonymous
    January 4, 2015

    i,m a gummy gummy bear


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