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It’s Woofin’ Time for National Dog Day!

Dog DayMan’s best friend is popular for a lot of things– fetching, playing, driving a convertible while wearing a Superman outfit— and characters– Lassie, Toto, Cujo… well, maybe not so much the last one, but we still celebrate them all on August 26, better known as National Dog Day. Yes, Spot and Rover and Princess get a day all to themselves, and heck, they deserve it for all they do for us. Think about it:  a dog will sniff out bombs for military personnel or drugs for police officers, they will pull an owner out of a burning building, and they can even sense chemical imbalances in people as service dogs! It’s true! And above it all, a dog will run to its parent(s) and give all the love it’s got and ask for nothing more. Well, maybe some treats. And the occasional belly rub. But did you also know

  • Dogs have three eyelids?
  • The record for dogs owned is currently 5000 Mastiffs?
  • Petting a dog can help relieve stress?
  • Ancient Egyptians loved their dogs so much, owners would shave their own eyebrows off and put mud in their hair when their pet died?
  • Dogs have sweat glands in between the pads on their paws?
  • The smallest dogs ever recorded weighed only 4 ounces?
  • Dogs can understand 150-200 words?

So toss ’em a bone, will ya! And while you’re at it, toss them one of the fun dog gifts below to show your appreciation for one of the smartest animals on the planet, doggies!

1. Humunga Lips

Humunga Lips

Pucker up, Petunia! Humunga Lips are a rubber ball on one end, luscious lips on the other. The cherry-scented dog toy can’t be resisted by dogs, and when they pick it up, they come back to you with tabloid-worthy lips, ready to fetch another kisser for you!

2. Leather Dog Collar with Customizable Plate

Leather Dog Collar

Let Fido get fancy for a bit with a super-stylish Leather Collar with a Customizable Plate. No dog tags here: the dog collar is made from genuine leather and has an engravable silver plate that fits two lines, one for the dog’s name and one for an emergency phone number. Now you’ll have to change the dog’s name from Fido to Mr. Fine Canine!

3. Pet Bow Ties

Pet Bow Ties

Oh, so Max has a date with that purdy Cavalier from the dog park? Be sure he’s his spiffiest with a Pet Bow Tie. The reversible bow tie has a polka-dotted design on one side and classic black on the other. (And yes, it even fits cat collars, too!) Beware of dog who’s got more swag than you!

4. Dogfordog Dogsbar and Dogsbutter


Looking for a unique dog treat that you can both feel good about? Dogfordog offers two delicious treats, Dogsbar and Dogsbutter. Each healthy treat is gluten-free, yummy, and generous: the company gives one bar or jar to a needy dog with every purchase. So treating your beloved pooch also means providing something to make a homeless pet feel happier!


My two dummies, Seamus (a Chorkie) and Darcy (a Cocker Spaniel)

Dogs can be such goofballs, full of excitement, clumsiness, and face licks, but they can also break your heart when they unexpectedly become ill or extremely hurt. They can make you laugh, cry, shout, howl (it’s happened), dance (that’s happened, too), be proud, or even disappointed (every dog has its day, right?). But at the very least, every dog can make you smile, especially with their endless companionship and need to please. So grab that poochie by the belly, give him or her a big hug, and remember to celebrate National Dog Day with a dog treat, some dog garb, or maybe even a new doggie friend! Or you can just laugh a few at Bass Dogs, a trending tumblr page Photoshopping photos of famous bassists “tickling” large dogs. Enjoy!

Bass Dog

Bass DogBass Dog

Bass DogBass DogNational Dog Day

Sources: 99 Fun Facts about Dogs

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4 comments on “It’s Woofin’ Time for National Dog Day!

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  3. latelyleslie
    August 27, 2013

    Sasha, your dogs are adorable! They look like little troublemakers ; p
    I also can’t stop laughing at bass dogs. Nikki Sixx is my favorite.


    • Super Sasha
      August 28, 2013

      Well, considering that Darcy the Cocker Spaniel tore up the Christmas presents last year, yea, I’d say they’re troublemakers. =) Hahaha, thanks! My favorite Bass Dog is the Lemmy one. And the Muppet one!


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