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Summer’s Not Over Yet! Tips and Essentials for Burning Man and Outdoor Festivals

burning-manJust because you’re almost back in school or starting that new job doesn’t mean summer has ended. From Paris to El Paso, there’s still a plethora of events that will help you get everything out of your system before 2013 comes to a close.  And we’re gonna make sure you get there, have fun, and get out alive!

First, where to go? Road trips are always nice but who’s got the green for fuel? You can stay local and rock out by visiting Music Festival Junkies and finding a festival nearby.  Loud music and free love not your scene? Well, cozy your little hatchback right next to a river once you’ve made reservations at a local campground. Simply check out to find a serene location near you.

Our favorite festival coming up? Burning Man! Not that we’re big burners ourselves, but we do have friends and neighbors that will be gone for the weekend (Thank you for leaving! JK) for the annual event celebrating love, peace and art. If you’re a burner, you’re probably well prepared, but if it’s your first time staying at a large event, we suggest you read up on these tips on what to bring to keep you vivid and burning throughout the night.


1. Water

Without it humans tend to die. That’s not really what we’re aiming for so besides coming well equipped with backup supplies of fresh water, make sure you have a personal reserve. We suggest these eco-friendly water bottles to carry around with you on during your long treks.

Oasis Folding Water Pouch 

A portable water pouch that easily clips on to any belt loop or bag. Easy to refill and easy to carry. Perfect for long walks and hikes.

Oasis water pouch

Bubi Collapsible Water Bottle

This BPA Free silicone bottle is a must for all travelers. You can roll this bubi bottle up and scrunch it into the keyring when you are finished for a portable and lightweight solution over carrying water bottles and dumping them when you no longer have use for them.

Bubi Collapsible Water Bottle

Eau Good Filtering Water Bottle

This glass bottle includes the Japanese Binchotan charcoal which filters water down to its most natural source. The charcoal can last up to 6 months and can be used for many purposes after its use with water. Aside from its great benefits to the earth this Binchotan charcoal costs less than a bottle of water from the convenience store. This water bottle pays off greatly in the end.


2. Food

Again, without this tasty fundamental item, you’ll die. Not to worry though, we’re past the Paleolithic period and you too can build a fire and provide for yourself.

Esbit Stove and Cookset

A complete stove and cooking pot that will handle just about any cooking task. Small yet efficient, you can make food and soups, or boil up a big batch of san pedro succulents for all your buddies.


Esbit Foldable BBQ Grill

A foldable and functional grill for cooking and grilling.  It stores away neatly into an included carrying bag the size of a laptop. The perfect accessory for adventurous meat lovers or vegetarians who like adding some smokiness to their raw foods.

Esbit Folding BBQ

Esbit Pocket Stove

This tiny pocket stove is small but sturdy. The included fuel tablets will last long enough to boil up to a quart of water. Perfect for a morning cup of tea, coffee, or heating up cans of food throughout the day.


3. Safety Lights

When the sun sets it won’t be long before our ocular friends become useless. You’ll want to have plenty of light to move around with, be illuminated by, and to mark your final destination.

Laser Pointer

This green pointer pen is the top astronomy laser chosen by professors and astronomy enthusiasts. Cuddle up to the cutie you met with the furry boots and show them that Pegasus isn’t just a spirit animal, but also a constellation.


Pak-It 9V Battery Light

Tiny but powerful, this light cap attaches to any 9 Volt battery and provides long-lasting light as strong as a household flashlight. The perfect combination of functionality and portability.

Pak-Lite 9V Battery Light

Glow In The Dark Candlestick

For those of us who prefer a much more sustainable lighting option or swore off electricity for good this candle will do just the trick. This candle replicating the Victorian days of gas and oil lamps, plus it comes with a little handle to carry around with you.  Even when this candle is not lit, it glows in the dark to provide light at all times.


4. Party Gear

We can’t help you with ingestibles but we can help you make the most out of them with adequate fun and flair. Check out some of our favorite wardrobe and party accessories:

Halo Belt

We love these halo belts for their stylish and modern approach to night lighting. This belt was created by a duo of designers in San Francisco who simply wanted to provide safe lighting for cyclists, runners, athletes and even kids playing at night.  Whether you use them for safety or to pretend you are a program from Tron, these belts are loads of fun.

LED Halo Belt

Fantastik Fans Handheld Light Show

Create a light show while also cooling off because all that fire dancing will get you hot, cool off with these fantastik fans.

Fantastik Fans Light Show

Magic Gloves

The ultimate DIY light show is at your fingertips. These LED gloves create magic in the air with a flick of a wrist. Perfect for parties outdoors and they make for great photo ops.

Magic Gloves Rave Light Show

Bling Fedoras

88M1934L-2These fedora hats glitter and sparkle with LED lights and sequin detail all over. Although they are just the perfect favor for night outings, remember the golden rule “One fedora per crew”…


5. Comforts

It’s perfectly okay to be afraid of the elements, just bring along a couple of things to make your environment more suitable. Just not to bears. Or people in search of hugs (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

Solar Fan Hat

We’ll take any excuse to look our wackiest during outdoor events. This solar fan cap may look like a thing of the future but it will keep you cool here and now. Watch all your hairy shirtless man-friends sweat through their teeth while you keep cool under the sun.

Solar Fan Cap


Protect yourself from the sun during the day and have fun at night with these color changing LED handle umbrellas. They remind us of the awesome umbrellas from the movie “Blade Runner”


For more info on the big event in these parts, i.e Burning Man, we suggest read up on Surviving the Elements.

Most of all, keep yourself and others safe and take plenty of pictures!! If you’d like to submit pictures of yourself with any of the above products, keep it clean and send it to We’ll make you E-Commmerce famous!

Burning Man 2005

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    Great post !!! I never heard of the burning man festival. Looks like so much fun.You can take that Esbit Foldable BBQ Grill to the festival , but it is also great for the beach and parks to!!


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