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Six Interesting Cell Phone Accessories

Admit it, you know as well as we do that your cell phone is basically like your best friend, so it’s no wonder why cell phone accessories are chosen with more care and time than a person spends choosing an outfit every morning. Rhinestones or just something pink? A durable silicone case or something the Terminator would carry? Keep in mind that we’re only talking about what a cell phone looks like, not even what it can do. Today, we browse some phone accessories that caught our eye, either for their kitschy design or their weird factor, but nonetheless demonstrate just how much thought people put into their cell phones!

1. Retro Camera Case

Retro Camera Case

We love the Retro Camera Case. Not only does the hard iPhone case look just like an old 80’s style camera, but when your phone is turned sideways it looks like a real camera to your subjects! Plus, it doesn’t have that bulkiness that 80’s technology is famous for.

2. Cell Phone Hand Stand

Cellphone Hand Stand

Can you do a handstand? Can your cell phone do one? What does that even mean? It means your cellphone rests so neatly and eerily in a Cell Phone Hand Stand. Made from soft resin, this phone stand has a creepiness that just can’t be ignored, especially when it’s still functional.

3. Hoodies Cover

Hoodies Phone Cover

Even cell phones catch a chill from time to time!… We think. Either way, Hoodies look darn cute on any phone! Snuggle up to your phone in a hoodie when you can’t cuddle with your honey on the other end.  Plus, the cotton phone cover protects its contents from scratches and bruises.

4. Knuckle Case

Brass Knuckle Phone Case

Grrr, is that phone dragging again to load your feed? Don’t throw your phone, just punch someone instead! Actually, don’t do that, either, but with a Knuckle Case, you might be tempted to. Sure, brass knuckles make you look like a tough guy, but the design actually makes an iPhone easier to carry. Don’t forget your fingerless gloves!

5. Portable Cell Phone Booth

Cellphone Booth

Cellphone Booth

WHY anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond us, but we also admire the “vision” behind this Portable Cell Phone Booth. Rather than having to use one hand to hold your phone and the other to cover your other ear, the cell phone booth fits and sits over your shoulders to create a quiet space to have that conversation. Plus, the booth folds up easily into a convenient backpack (we use “convenient” loosely here).

6. Ear Phone Cover


Ear Phone Cover

Ear Shaped Phone CoverSpeaking of covering your ears, the Ear Phone Cover, well, does just that. The oversized silicone phone cover is shaped like a giant ear that you press against your regular-sized ear. Does this really need explaining?

So you see, cell phone accessories come in all shapes and sizes, from the cute to the dang ridiculous. What’s your cell phone style?

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7 comments on “Six Interesting Cell Phone Accessories

  1. sharoanypony79
    August 22, 2013

    They should make an ear with hair coming out of it. I think Im more the retro cover myself. actually, i like the furry chewbacca one:


  2. Patricia
    August 22, 2013

    I want one of the Cell Phone Hand Stand. The big ear cell phone case is so funny looking.


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  4. cell phone accessories
    September 18, 2013

    Hello, all of the six cell phone accessories you mentioned here are unique and make your phone more special in look. I would love to get a Knuckle Case for my phone.


  5. Emmanuel Neumann
    September 20, 2013

    Wow! I really enjoy seeing and reading the content of this article. This kinds of cell phone accessories are the unique accessories that I really seen today. I like the Portable Cell Phone Booth but I can not imagine how the people think about when they see me using that. I think it is funny but it is one of a kind experience! Fantastic post!


  6. cell phone accessories
    September 20, 2013

    Great! funny looking big ear cell phone case. I want to buy one for my cell phone. I also liked Knuckle Case.
    Good collection.


  7. Brett
    September 24, 2013

    Wow! I really like the Cell Phone Hand Stand as my cellphone accessories for me its very useful.


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