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Icy Hot Shapes: Non-Cubed Ice Cubes

Sometimes, there ain’t nothing better than munching on some ice cubes, but when they’re not cubes per se, they’re something to take notice of. Think of ice shapes besides four sides. Maybe an ice circle, or maybe ice in the shape of some symbol, character, or even a yeti. Yes, completely random, but it exists! The ice shape, that is. Now that our iced teas are just teas and we’re still sweating bullets, it’s time to admire ice molds shaped like, well, bullets and other odd things!

1. AK Bullet Ice

AK Bullet Ice

For drinks that kill… no, we don’t mean alcohol, it’s just a saying. AK Bullet Ice uses a funny ice tray shaped like a bullet clip that holds– you guessed it– bullets. Bullet-shaped ice cubes pop out like flying shells in an action movie, ready for your famous catchphrase, which is…..?

2. Ice Sphere

Ice Sphere

An ice cube that isn’t a cube at all but an Ice Sphere? Is it possible to have a glaring contradiction that no one will seem to mind? Can we embrace an ice shape so sleek and interesting without turning our terminology into nonsense? Yes. Yes, we can.

3. Lego Minfigure Ice Tray

Man, every Lego set never had enough of them, but now you can get eight! The Lego Minifigure Ice Tray yields a handful of those iconic little guys with holes for butts and protruding dots for heads. Fill the silicone ice tray for Lego men that don’t require prying apart from the Lego pieces someone else didn’t take apart.

4. Abominable Ice Tray

Abominable Ice Tray

We found the yeti, and it lives in your freezer! A whole bunch, in fact. The Abominable Ice Tray is a silicone ice tray that gives birth to six angry, freezing Abominable Snowmen who want nothing to do with warm drinks! They bring a nice chill to any environment they’re placed in.

5. Polar Bear Ice Tray

Polar Bear Ice Tray

Speaking of animals, why hadn’t we thought before that the Arctic could provide the best ice cubes? The Polar Bear Ice Tray is a great example. Not only does it make ice, but the cute shape also acts as an ice holder. Ice takes shape in its paws, and with a quick tap, they come loose and the bear throws it up– that is, you open its face and out comes your ice. Or, you open the lid and pour out your ice cubes. Less graphic for you?

Summer might be more than halfway over, but we certainly still feel the sting of sunburns, drymouth, and dehydration. Drop some fun ice cube shapes into a drink and remember, it’s not nonsensical to still call them ice cubes! Which ice tray or ice shape is your favorite?

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One comment on “Icy Hot Shapes: Non-Cubed Ice Cubes

  1. sharoanypony79
    August 22, 2013

    i feel like the bullet ice would get lodged in your throat. The spheres are my fave!


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