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Back To School! 10 Must-Have Accessories for College Students

In the words of Notorious B.I.G. “I’m going going, back back, to college college.”

Well not those exact words, but boy howdy we have been anticipating back to school season. New clothes, new shoes, new books, freshly sharpened pencils, fanny packs and a stack of Alf pogs– wait, that was 1995.

Obviously we need to clarify on the appropriate gear to bring to class and something fun that will get you through those boring lectures with the professor that always seems to sound like Ben Stein. So let’s start off this list with the basic fundamentals of our education system, the three R’s. Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic! Yeah, ‘Murica! We love to put ‘postrophes in stuff!


Handstand Phone Stand


Read all of your memos and notes at ease with the help of this handy phone stand. Replicating the iconic Windows hand cursor, this pixelated finger will point you straight into an 8-bit dimension of entertainment.

Nunchuk Notebook

nunchuk-notebookSand the floor and become a sensei of studying with this Nunchuk notebook.  Soon you will master the skill of college note-taking skills and you’ll show everyone that you’re the best around… nothing’s gonna ever keep you down.

VHS Video Tape Notebook

VHS-Notebook-1No need to press the tracking button on this bad boy.  Be kind, rewind, and take all your classroom notes with this analog notebook. This also happens to be the perfect notebook for writing all of you’re favorite Point Break quotes or doodling Gary Busey’s face on a Liger during your Chicano Art History class, the choice is yours.


The New Black Pencils

Here is a list of things that are the new black: Writing in pencil is the new black, wearing white after Labor Day is the new black, listening to Kenny G is the new black, eating food without taking a picture of it is the new black, playing Jenga with your parents instead of having a life is the new black… We could go on with this list all day but hey,  being vague and ending sentences abruptly is also the new bla…

Borrow My Pen?” Set


These pens remind us of the type of freebie you’d find inside the treat bag of a local health fair. Everyone will be asking you for directions to Howie’s House of Hair and Verdant Fields Nudist Camp after they borrow these clever pens from you. Or maybe people will stay away from you after they realize you’re snatching pens from a Proctologist named Lance.

iStrike Stylus


Whether striking up conversation with a friend or striking up fun with a new drawing game, this clever stylus will handle your smartphone or tablet without having to place those cafeteria-sloppy-joe-stained fingers on your screen.


Bobino Wrap


Don’t get all wound up over tangled cords! Organize your headphones, computer cables, electrical cords and take care of business with these Bobino Cord Wraps. They come in 3 different sizes to handle all symptoms of anger that result from TCF (Tangled Cord Frustration)


Undercover Tablet Case

This smooth and stylish Undercover Tablet Case is the perfect combination of soft and hard. It has a tough exterior that looks like a tattered old mailing envelope but a soft and silky interior to keep your tablet protected.  Just like that tough greaser who’s always hanging outside your local burger joint– his eyes say, “I will stab you,” but all he really wants to do is cuddle and share a milkshake with you.

Mighty Laptop Casedynomighty-laptop-cases

Disguise and protect your essentials in a Mighty Laptop Case from our quirky friends at Dynomighty. It is made from the same material as postage envelopes to protect you against butterfingers, klutzes and the occasional “oopsie” moments. They’re like elbow pads for your laptop, only these don’t look as ridiculous. On the plus side, these will definitely look stylish by your side if you happen to be rollerblading to class!


An exception for this extreme guy rocking the knee pads



We pay an arm and a leg for college education and in return we get tiny desks, cramped parking and years of debt. Yay! Carry this Drinklip with you to finally have enough room for your java and your laptop on those cursed tiny desks!


The evolution of the school desk — Darwin would be proud!

Well folks we hope you enjoyed our list of “too cool for school” accessories. Check out our entire Back To School items from the 2Shopper store for even more funky style. What is your favorite back to school moment? We’d love to hear some funny stories!

Ben Stein Ferris Bueller's Day Off


3 comments on “Back To School! 10 Must-Have Accessories for College Students

  1. Sharon
    August 15, 2013

    man i remember being that kid on the bike with skates. i wish the bike was on a skateboard.


  2. Super Sasha
    August 15, 2013

    Hahaha! I love the Ancient Aliens meme guy! I used to hate the first day of school– not so much for having to go back, but more because of all the parents flooding the hallways with cameras and “awww”s because it was their child’s first day. Blegh.


    • sharoanypony79
      August 15, 2013

      haha. nice and bitter. the way i like ’em 🙂
      i h8d school in general until college.


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