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Cheering for Cherry Season! Fun Facts and Recipes

Cherry LoveYES, the summer is known for other things than heat and sunburn: it’s cherry season! Right alongside melons and summer berries, the seasonal fruit has befallen us again. Though some might not see the big deal, many others– MANY others– recognize how special it is and embrace it for as long as it’s in season. We thought we’d try on this cheerful cherry spirit for a bit and share it with everyone!

Cherry Health Benefits

Did you know cherries can help you sleep better? Or how about that they can help prevent post-workout soreness? According to Eating Well magazine, both tart and sweet cherries each have a number of surprising health benefits, respectively. For example, drinking sweet cherry juice can increase your body’s fat-burning potential. Even the dark skin of sweet cherries contains natural antioxidants that can help decrease carcinogenic mutations! But should you find eating cherries to be “the pits”, try a Cherry Chomper to banish the center of cherries and leave only the juicy sweet or tart fruit you love!

Cherry Chomper

Press down to “chomp” out the inedible pit and have a wholly perfect cherry!

Celebrating Cherries

National Cherry Festival

National Cherry Festival in 1949

National Cherry Festival

National Cherry Festival Today

Did you also know there is a festival spanning over a week dedicated entirely to cherries? The National Cherry Festival in Michigan has been a state favorite ever since the first festival in 1926. Aside from a parade with marching bands and even a beauty contest, the festival features everything cherries: various types of cherries, jams, pie-eating contests, and even a pit-spitting contest! We’re sad we missed that, since this year’s cherry festival wrapped up on July 6th. Better practice our spitting now for next year!

Cherry Recipes

How could we forget about adding a few cherry recipes? Try your cherry-pickin’ hands at making Chocolate Covered Cherries. Yes, the cherry recipe cheats just a bit by using bottled maraschino cherries versus fresh cherries, but once you have a bite, those details just don’t matter. Homemade fondant (AKA the sticky white stuff under the chocolate) covers a cherry before getting a chocolate bath. Bonus: the recipe recommends leaving the chocolate cherries in the fridge for a few days to get that ooey-gooey center. YUM!

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Somewhere, there’s a puddle of drool ruining a reader’s phone or keyboard.

Bobbie Brown

No, not THAT cherry pie.

Try going classic with cherry pie, and not the one from the Warrant video. This cherry recipe from Nadia G of Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen uses bourbon and orange bitters along with your typical pie ingredients– cherries, sugar, pie dough– to bake up a cherry pie inspired by a cocktail!



Cherry Pie

Cherry pie, AKA perfection in crust form

So yes, there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate cherry season and all it brings: health benefits, festivals, pies made with alcohol. Head to your nearest supermarket and snatch up a bowlful of cherries before the season is over and dive into sweet or tart cherries!

Sources: Cherry Nutrition Benefits

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  1. sharoanypony79
    August 15, 2013

    i need that cherry ka-chunk-er but i don’t want him to be happy about it.


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