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‘Tis the Time for Learning: Back to School Items

Back to School

Whoa, wait… back to school already??

If you’re a student, you’re dreading the inevitable end of the summer, which indicates a return back to prison school. School is sort of a double-edged sword: it’s not something you want to do, really, but you realize it’s for the greater good. You get to campus three hours early just to fight for some parking spot, but you’re only doing it so you won’t have to work at that taco joint forever. You give up your life savings for textbooks you’ll only need for maybe a few months, but you know that knowledge will get you where you want to be. And if you’re going to be so self-disciplined as to give up your social life for your future life and then some, heck, we think you deserve a little fun– even if that fun is still associated with school! Here’s our favorite picks for this year’s back-to-school items!

1. Tiny Tim Book Light

Tiny Tim Book Light Mustard UK

Remember the days when you’d stay up late just reading a book? Me either. Now, it’s more of a necessity if you want to pass that awful course. Use a Tiny Tim Book Light to help get you through an all-nighter. The small LED bulb makes night reading a breeze. Now only if that coffee would kick in…

2. Fingerprint Bookmark

Fingerprint Bookmark Fred & Friends

So when you’ve finally decided 5am is quittin’ time, use a Fingerprint Bookmark to save your place. Unlike traditional bookmarks, this silicone one doesn’t just work as a page marker. Rather, the ingenious little pointed hand shows you exactly where you left off. Not that you remember what that page is about, anyways.

Reading is Good

“Reading is good,” so get the book light and bookmark together.

3. Tower of Clips Organizer

MoMA Tower of Clips Museum of Modern Art

If your room is getting easily cluttered with little notes and reminders about this and that and that other thing, grab a Tower of Clips Organizer for storing them within sight. Unlike other desk organizers, this vertical tower uses untapped space to free up your horizontal space– your desk, genius. All twelve steel clips rotate 360 degrees so everything is always right where you need it, even when you don’t want that reminder!

4. Stap Man Stapler

Pac-man Stap Man Stapler

How many times have you gotten to class late because you were printing up your report, just to realize you and none of your classmates has a stapler? It’s a dilemma we’ve all faced from time to time, and a small Stap Man Stapler easily solves that. The Pac-Man-inspired mini stapler chomps away at paper corners like white pellets and ghosts (because those sound appetizing), and it even looks like a wheel of cheese itself! Note: you are required to replay the Pac-Man game song in your head with every use.

5. Ninja Star Coat Hooks

Ninja Star Coat Hooks

You’re FINALLY tossing in the towel and hanging up that sweater after a long day of hauling a 30-pound backpack in the rain with a total hike around campus of, oh, say, six miles or so. Throw that sweater directly onto a Ninja Star Coat Hook like the stealthy warrior you are! Because, after all, only someone with your discipline, your determination, and your smarts can survive the course load you’ve got this quarter or semester. Hang up your clothing on these metal wall hooks with the confidence of a ninja and the audacity of an O’Doyle!

O'Doyle Rules

Who rules?

So now we’ve covered a little bit of ground to get your mind back into studying mode. You’ve got your lunch packed up, your boots tied tight… you know the rest. But really, now that you’ve got your textbook supplies, a mini stapler, and somewhere to hang your jackets and small essentials, the rest is up to you! Make us proud, and don’t give up over small challenges when you go back to school!


Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes!

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4 comments on “‘Tis the Time for Learning: Back to School Items

  1. sharoanypony79
    August 7, 2013

    O’Doyle does kind-of rule..


  2. Super Sasha
    August 8, 2013

    I don’t think there’s any question about that.


  3. Patricia
    August 8, 2013

    My children have become so bored at home they cant wait to go back to school.


  4. Eric
    August 11, 2013

    Rizzuto isn’t even a word! He’s a baseball player! hahaha


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