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The Season of Music: 6 Essentials for Summer Concerts

Concert Crowd

With school letting out and nights heating up, summer concert season is back in full swing and we’re ready to rock out! And it’s a good thing, too: this summer’s tour dates include large crowd-pleasers like Justin Timberlake (girls, hold onto your hearts), Rolling Stones, Pink, and Justin Bieber (women, hold onto your daughters). Aside from watching a monkey juggle on a unicycle, nothing is more exciting than going to a much anticipated concert, sweating with a bunch of strangers, and holding your breath ’til the moment you recognize the first note of your favorite song. Even if you choose a seat rather than standing room, the summer concert just has that thrill and excitement in the air that’s just too infectious to ignore. In celebration of concerts this summer, here are a few helpful tips and products to take with you to keep the focus on having fun and away from a lost phone, bad breath, a rude fellow concert-goer, and other concert challenges!

1. Key Finders

Fetch My Keys

Are those keys in your pocket or are you just standing too close behind me? One of the many drawbacks of being in a highly enthusiastic concert crowd is the complete lack of physical space, meaning that the chances of losing small valuables like these are as high as concert-goers at a Snoop Dog show. Grab a Fetch My Keys Key Finder and find those car keys pronto! The key finder appears as a body-less dog keychain, but whistle when they’re gone, and the keychain beeps back at you and the nose lights up!


Another kind of dog at a concert. Get it?

2. Smart Wallets

Smallet Smart Wallet Japanese Designer

Speaking of pocket bulge, a wallet is another item you don’t want to escape you, especially at a concert. Use an uber-tiny Smallet Wallet to keep your small valuables in place. This leather wallet has just enough space for an ID to get a wristband at the door, up to seven credit cards to pay for a few tabs, and some money to take a taxi home. The Smallet Wallet folds down to roughly the size of a cellphone– perfect for impressing that cutie at the bar!

35mm Film Negative Black & white Dynomighy Mighty WalletOr use a super tough and slim Dynomighty Wallet  that will fit all your needs without bulking up your pockets. It’s made of tyvek for a water-proof, tear-proof, and ultimately indestructible wallet; plus we love the super hip design of black & white 35mm film negatives!

3. Locket Watch Pendant and Strap Pocket Watch Necklace

Locket Watch

Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

Woo, you’re only three rows away from the front! Save your phone battery for taking photos and use a Locket Watch Pendant or a Strap Pocket Watch Necklace to get the time. Unless you don’t mind untangling your wrist watch from someone’s loose tresses, a watch pendant is the way to go. Plus, your neck won’t feel jealous at those who get to wear backstage passes, and an antique watch sure looks better than Nicki Minaj’s fried chicken necklace at the iHeartRadio Music Festival a couple of years back.

4. Energy Mints

Foosh Mints

Did you knowing all that wooing, singing, and drinking at summer concerts yields a prime environment for bad breath? Suddenly, that cutie at the bar you bought a drink for ain’t looking so hot when she melts you with her dragon breath. Did you also know that all the heat generated from an enthusiastic and raucous crowd can drain you like stink breath drains sexiness? All the sweat and bad breath in the arena can’t stop you if you’ve got Foosh Energy Mints. The strong mints have a healthy dose of caffeine (as much as a cup of coffee) to keep you going strong right through the encore!


Foosh mints gave this guy the power to surf, even though he can’t even walk.

5. Festival Feet Covers

Spinning hat Festival Feet shoe covers mud rain music concert

Recall the weekend of  Woodstock ’94 and what happened unexpectedly: it rained. And people loved it. The mud was everywhere: on people, on equipment, even on the bands. Should you decide to sport new kicks at your outdoor summer concert, Festival Feet provide feet some shelter so you can get messy all over. Sure, Festival Feet look ridiculous– ridiculously awesome!– but trust us when we say the shoe covers sure as heck beat losing shoes to the earth:

Muddy Concert Music Festival

6. Phone Apps

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone screenshot

Wheres My Droid

Where’s My Droid setup

Festival Ready

Festival Ready screenshots

It seems like you were just taking awesome photos of the band with your phone, and now it’s somewhere beneath the mud and post-concert debris. Use either Find My iPhone or Where’s My Droid to locate your phone. The iPhone app allows you to use another phone or device to lock your lost phone, display a contact number, show the precise location(s) of where your phone’s been, and even erase all the data on it (goodbye concert photos). The android app also gives you the option to lock the phone remotely as well as provide a GPS location of your phone’s whereabouts and even take pictures to show you where it’s at! If you’re the one who’s lost, Festival Ready uses a variety of tools like 3D mapping, live weather, and “pin dropping” to mark locations like specific stages, tents, and food stands.

Now, I’ve been to quite a handful of concerts myself, and if there’s one thing that annoys me the most, it’s people toward the front of the stage who get upset when the crowd presses against the front railing. Luckily, Rolling Stone agrees with me on this and a number of other unofficial rules for concert etiquette:

  • Easy on the cellphone photos! It’s best to experience the show while it’s happening, not post-show with shaky Instagram photos.
  • Don’t plan on talking a lot during a show unless it’s singing. Just like in a movie theater, everyone is there for the show.
  • Don’t shout out songs the band should play; every band has a set list, and your fave may or may not be on that list.
  • Be courteous to your fellow concert attendees. No one wants to see your recording of the concert that you’re all watching live.
Annoying people funny ipad phone video recording at music concerts festivals
Really, now? Put that thing down!

As the curtains pull wide across the stage or the lights shine down on your idol for the next hour and a half, it’s time to boogie, sway, or croon along and enjoy living in the moment of high excitement, live music, and the sensory experience of it all. So toss those phones aside and toss those panties on stage and let’s hear you make some noise for summer concerts!

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5 comments on “The Season of Music: 6 Essentials for Summer Concerts

  1. Sharon
    July 25, 2013

    i’ve always been tempted to buy really big granny panties and throw them on stage. one day I’ll have to do that.


  2. Patricia
    July 26, 2013

    I laughed so hard at this part of your blog ” Suddenly, that cutie at the bar you bought a drink for ain’t looking so hot when she melts you with her dragon breath.” But seriously I need those mints ( not for my breath) for me to stay awake while work. I have given up coffee. 😦


  3. Eric
    July 29, 2013

    I just went to a concert with some friends and one lost his keys and another lost his watch! Guess they should have read this first! haha


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