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Fun in the Sun! Helpful Tips for Sun Protection

MeltingIf there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that sunburns are absolute evil, as is overheating, dehydration, profuse sweating, and dry mouth– and those alone are enough to push you to take our tips for sun protection. UV protection isn’t something that people readily think about; most of us are preoccupied with this and that, and being out in the sun isn’t something that usually strikes us as needing immediate attention. Yet, as we age, those signs of sun damage become harder and harder to ignore: wrinkles, age spots, freckles. And those aren’t even the worst of them. The time is now to prevent further damage from our bittersweet friend in the sky with a few tips and helpful products that still let you enjoy the warmth of the summer!

Sun Damage Not-So-Fun Facts

Did you know that the surface of the sun is almost 10,000 degrees F? Bet you forgot that from grade school. Did you also know that:

  • Skin cancer cases have risen nearly 80% since the early 90s?
  • Your chances of developing skin cancer doubles if you’ve had at least five sunburns in your life??
  • Too much sun can damage the retinas in your eyes and actually lead to cataracts and, worse, blindness?
  • Using a tanning bed even once before age 35 gives you a 75% increased chance of developing skin cancer?
  • Too much sun increases elastin levels in your skin, thereby leaving you with really saggy skin? Think of the trucker with 30 years of sun damage on only one side of his face.

Daunting facts, yes? The list goes on, but just so you can sleep tonight, we will cut the list short and move on to products and methods to help keep all this UV damage from happening!

Oh-So-Fun Protection Against Sun Damage

So, what, you’re going to miss the whole summer because of some deadly scary facts about being outdoors? Psh! Take a few hints from us and grab some summer stuff to go with your outdoor activities:

1. Color Spectrum Umbrella

Color Spectrum UmbrellaProbably the easiest method to avoid the sun, besides staying indoors, is to use an umbrella like this Color Spectrum Umbrella. The rainbow umbrella not only keeps you cool, but it also keeps sun rays from burning you up like bacon. Mmm, bacon. Plus, the Color Spectrum Umbrella is a very festive item for summertime, yes?

2. Jumbo Garden Thermometer

Garden Thermometer

If you know the temperature outside, it’s easier to know what precautions you might take against sun damage. A Jumbo Garden Thermometer very visibly displays the outside temp before you’ve even stepped outside. I’ve found that weather apps can be off by more than a few degrees, so this outdoor thermometer would provide a much more accurate, relevant reading.

3. Solar Fan Cap

Solar Fan CapHats are a great and easy method to achieve some sun protection, and this Solar Fan Cap does double duty with a solar fan built into it! The solar baseball cap has small solar panels on the brim that activate a small fan. So you’ve got no sun in your face, no sunburn to worry about, and a gentle breeze gracing your silky fair complexion all the while. Sounds like a win!

Easy Fun Methods to Prevent Sun Damage

Now that you’ve geared up with some products for sun protection, it’s time for a little knowledge to keep yourself not sunburned and hence not susceptible to more sun damage than you’ve already gotten:

  • One word: sunscreen!! You must lather it on like it’s a coat against the harsh sun. Most people tend to apply too little, so don’t be afraid to really slop it on. If you’re worried about breaking out, try a sunscreen made for sensitive skin.
  • Look for face creams that have SPF already in them, saving that previously mentioned step above for other exposed body parts.
  • Keep yourself cool with items like the Summer Seat, a ventilated seat cushion that brings cool air throughout the seat:

Summer Seat

  • Consider investing in UV rejection window film or static cling for your car windows. The tint keeps out 99% of UV rays but lets light in, and unlike like other window tints, it’s perfectly legal to have on the driver and passenger windows.
  • Download apps that provide the daily UV index like this one from the EPA.
  • PoodleSunBathersInvest in sunglasses that have UV protection in them. Even dogs know that, geez.
  • Guys, wear a shirt. You’re not Matthew McConaughey, and even if you were, wear a shirt. You’ll live longer.
  • Everyone, try to wear dark clothing, which protects against UV rays better than light clothing. Some shirts are actually designed to absorb UV rays with a high amount of stitching, but you have to read the label (which will specify its UPF rating).
  • Use an umbrella like the Color Spectrum Umbrella from above or a hat to protect your face, ears, and forehead from the sun. Or at least find a shady spot to stay in.

Don’t even think about going to the beach without considering any of these tips on sun protection. Do you want your face to look like a catcher’s mitt in 15 years? Didn’t think so. So grab the sunscreen, an umbrella, and hey, some clothes (why not) and head out into the sun like a fearless cowboy because you know how to put the fun back into summertime activities and thrive in the face of scary sun damage!

Sources: Skin Cancer Facts, Sun Damage Facts, UV Protection

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    July 24, 2013

    HAHAH! Matthew McConaughey!


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